Planning is essential for successful and easier motherhood. It is particularly crucial if you are a working woman and want to hit the office for a while longer before going home for the maternity leave (which you won’t want to come back from.) As the months go by, you realise that your favourite office dress doesn’t fit anymore and the stilettos are a little too uncomfortable. You have to find maternity clothing that is not just comfortable but also professional. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Raid Your Partner’s (And Everyone Else’s) Closet

This is not just a money-saving tip but also a great way of getting professional clothing for your maternity period. Your husband will certainly not be happy about it, but you will surely discover a whole stack of clothes you can wear to work without having to visit a high-end professional maternity clothing store.

Men wear many shirts and T-shirts. You can wear a loose vest or shirt inside then his t-shirt which you will then leave unbuttoned. Be sure to match the colours well with your pants and shoes. You can also find lots of clothes to wear while at home. The best shirts may be hidden away in the white tallboys furniture!

Be Creative With Your Clothes

The popping belly doesn’t mean that all your clothes become useless. You may not fit in some of your jeans and dresses, but you’ll find that many of them can still accommodate you.

If your blouse won’t button up as well as it used to then leave it open and wear a vest inside. You can also leave the buttons on your pants and jeans open. It is not advisable to use a safety pin to hold them up. Instead, why don’t you get a tailor to fit them with elastic bands?

Don’t Buy Fixed-Size Clothes

If you go out there to do something shopping on your first or second trimester, be sure that they will fit you well through the third and after. Stretchers are particularly recommendable as they can expand and tighten to fit your body as it’s size changes.

Your postpartum body won’t magically go back to how it was so you will be wearing those clothes for a while. When you start to think that they don’t suit you anymore, put them aside for the next baby season! Your husband probably won’t let you raise his closet then (once bitten… )

Buy Clothes that Can Multitask

This would be smart if you don’t want to stock your closet with clothes that can only be worn to work alone. Your maternity dresses, for instance, should be versatile enough to be worn to work, to dinner and went to a family function.

Conclusively, remember to save money where you can. If this means filling up your closet with maternity clothing designer samples, then go right ahead. Also, be conscious of the colour, style and appeal of your clothes. You don’t want to walk into the office looking like an exploded rainbow and expecting to be understood just because you are pregnant.

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