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Why take a family vacation?

Taking a vacation with your family can create wonderful memories of special, shared experiences that bond siblings and parents together. Vacations are important because they allow a family to relax away from the stress of the daily routine. They give each member of the family, whatever their age, the chance to explore unfamiliar environments and activities, learning new things about each other on the way.

However, things do not always go to plan and careful preparation is needed to ensure that all members of the family enjoy their break. The following tips are a guide to maximizing the chances of having a relaxing, stress-free and truly memorable vacation.

Get together and discuss your vacation

Unless your children are very young, give each family member a chance to contribute when planning the vacation. Prepare them for what may happen on the journey and at your destination. Make this preparation exciting to build up happy anticipation of the trip.

Make it special for each member of the family

Consider the needs of all the family and allow each person the chance to choose an activity.

Be prepared

Careful organization is essential for a happy holiday, so think carefully about what to take. Check and recheck your travel documents, making sure you have medical insurance documents and the telephone number of your doctor. If you take along a child’s friend, arrange a notarized letter authorizing medical treatment if necessary. Always leave promptly – a rushed start to your vacation means mistakes can be made.

Set the tone for your holiday

This may also be called “Pack a great attitude!” Children are guided by their parents and, if you are flexible, patient and positive, they will respond in kind. Teenagers and young adults can find the company of parents and younger siblings a strain. Make sure you give them private time while encouraging them to join in activities chosen by their sisters and brothers.

Expect the unexpected

Something unexpected will always happen on vacation, so be prepared for delays or cancellations in travel arrangements. Bring spare clothes and baby wipes for younger children. Pack snacks and drinks to keep everyone fed and hydrated. Have some travel games planned to keep children cheerful on a long journey.

Where to go on holiday

The US has a wonderful variety of holiday destinations. Bluegreen Resorts offers a range of locations where families can explore, learn and share happiness together. If you wish to go to Orlando, Florida for the theme park experience, Orlando’s Sunshine Resort is for you. If you would like to go beyond the theme parks, there is The Fountains, home to Wakoola Springs, a 75,000-square-foot tropical water park. If you prefer an activity holiday, Bluegreen’s Club at Big Bear Village in Big Bear Lake, California offers the chance for skiing, horseback riding and kayaking.

There are so many ways of creating wonderful shared memories, and careful planning will secure enjoyment for the whole family.


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