With a huge 1 in 3 American adults not getting enough regular sleep, insomnia is becoming an increasingly prominent problem among millions. Sleeping patterns and habits significantly differ between individuals, meaning there are a number of lifestyle and medical reasons that may contribute to a person’s inability to sleep properly.

But with the constant modern-day advances in technology, there are now a huge array of apps specifically designed to help insomniacs finally get the sleep they deserve. So, if you or someone you know is severely struggling to get a good night’s sleep, keep reading to discover some of the most helpful apps and gadgets available today.

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2breathe Sleep Inducer

Something we continuously do every single moment of every day is breathe, yet it’s a motion we take for granted and don’t fully appreciate. If anxiety is contributing to your sleep struggles, implementing the correct breathing techniques can be a great coping mechanism. But, it’s much easier said than done with many simply forgetting or not knowing how to control and regulate their breathing patterns.

2breathe is a simple sensor worn around your torso that connects to an accompanying app. During the night it measures both your inhales and exhales, and sends the data directly to the app. The app then takes this information and comes up with a bespoke breathing plan for you to follow, specifically tailored to your breathing habits to help induce sleep.

Alarm Clock for Me

This free app is more than just a basic alarm clock. Available now on Google Play, Alarm Clock for Me features an innovative sleep timer feature. Able to play either white noise or relaxing songs dependent on your preference, this mechanism will slowly lull you to sleep without any hassle or stress.

Its alarm also allows you to wake up to your favorite songs, meaning you’ll never be woken up and startled by a harsh beeping noise. Waking up smoothly is almost as important as actually going to sleep for maintaining a consistent sleeping pattern, and Alarm Clock for Me has everything to make this happen!

Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

Hypnosis is renowned for inducing a feeling of calmness and relaxation, making it an ideal method for inducing sleep too. Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis is an app dedicated to meditation and hypnosis techniques, featuring expert recordings from a hypnotist designed to be played as soon as you start settling down for sleep. Also providing meditation music tracks, this app is a great asset to have if you’re suffering from anxiety or stress.

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep no matter what the circumstances. With such a huge number of today’s adults not getting enough sleep, it’s high time something was done about it and that’s exactly what these apps have been designed for. By focusing on hypnosis, meditation, breathing and waking up properly, the combination of the above apps will arm you with all the ammunition you need to fight off your sleep demons once and for all!

Hannah Quinn has had trouble sleeping for several years, she has problems switching her mind off at the end of the day. She writes about ways she has found that help her get a better nights sleep.



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