Having a child is a healthy and biologically natural process, but is physically demanding on even the fittest of women. Unlike a marathon runner completing a race, after a birth, a mother doesn’t really get to fully relax and recover as feeding, broken sleep and nappy changes dominate the days and nights. For this reason, it is so common for them to have a lot less time for themselves and to maintain their previous (or any!) fitness and beauty routines. Although the newborn stage is not forever, bubs soon become toddlers and whole new set of challenges present themselves, with the addition of a potential brother or sister on the way!

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Therefore, once the craziness of early childhood settles, many mothers take a step back to inspect their battle scars and decide they want to try to enhance their physical appearance and invest in their well being. It may be that you had less time for exercise, irregular/unhealthy eating habits or sleep deprivation that led you this choice, but either way you find yourself browsing online places for places to get liposuction done in Melbourne, personal trainers, abdominoplasty or all of the above.

The good news is that there are many services and products on the market that aim to improve cosmetic appearance, the difficulty is knowing which one will be the best to pursue. You may hear the mantra of health experts ring in your ear that it’s all about lifestyle and this could not be more true! Given this, if you are wanting to look and feel better, develop some healthier (and realistic) eating habits and make time to get active again. You can begin slowly, 30 mins a day of some physical activity is great way to start and build up intensity and duration from there as you adjust. This needs to be a long term shift that you maintain as a part of everyday life.

After setting yourself on a healthier path, you may find that there are some areas of your body that are less responsive to all your attempts at conditioning. Especially as we age, it can be more difficult metabolically to get your system to burn fat as well as it used to, and forget about spot training one area to reduce fat, it does not work. Therefore for a complete overhaul, consider what cosmetic medicine can offer you. For unwanted fat, one of the most popular and effective ways to actually remove fat cells is via liposuction. If you also have stretch marks or cellulite, you may want to undergo both liposuction and then laser to smooth the skin once it has less fat under it.

Unfortunately your choice of health insurance is unlikely to offer much in the way of rebates for cosmetic procedures, however, as an investment in one’s self, many people find the outlay well worth cost. For best results find a highly qualified and experienced practitioner rather than a potentially cheaper outlet that offers shorter lasting fat reduction solutions.




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