Motorcycle helmets: Why they are importantWhen it comes to riding a motorcycle, you always have to think of your safety first. This is why bell helmets are one of the most important items you can have when riding whether or not you are required to wear them in your state. Whether you are planning on taking a long road trip or purely use your bike for trips into the city, following are the reasons why you can’t forego wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Staying Safe

Staying safe is the main reason, like mentioned above, for wearing a motorcycle helmet. Imagine if you go for a ride on your bike, get into an accident and hit your head. If you are wearing a helmet, you will significantly decrease your chances of getting seriously injured or even killed. A motorcycle helmet is designed to absorb the impact of a collision, helping to protect your brain in the process.  Tough, lightweight and crack resistant plastics and fibers are purposely used in the manufacturing of helmets for this very reason.

Keeping the Wind, Bugs, and Debris out of Your Eyes and Face

Wearing a full face helmet will help to keep the bugs, wind, and debris out of your eyes. The visors on helmets are scratch proof, tough and clear and are designed to provide you with full protection whilst still giving you a clear view of the road.  When riding at speed, a full face helmet will protect your eyes and face from the wind, from any debris flying around, and from any bugs or flies that you may come into contact with.  Whilst you do need to purchase a full face helmet to achieve these advantages, eye protection is your next best option if you would prefer to wear a visor-less helmet.

Can Keep you Safe from the Elements

Did you know that you can purchase different motorcycle helmets for different types of weathers?  In fact, buying a helmet for the weather can result in a much more comfortable ride.  Hot weather helmets are designed to have a venting system inside which can help to keep you cool whilst ensuring you are fully protected.  You may however need to also purchase some ear plugs due to the vents creating louder noise.  Cold weather helmets are designed to be fog free and also contain insulation to keep your face warm.

It’s the Law in Most States

In 22 states, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, and if you are caught not wearing a helmet in one of these states you could end up with points on your license as well as a fine.  The laws vary based on state guidelines, and also the age of the rider, so it is a good idea to read up on what is legal before heading out on your bike.  In the states where the helmet law is in place, the number of deaths from motorcycle accidents is significantly lower.

There really is no good reason not to wear a motorcycle helmet when riding your bike.


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