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3 Movie Kitchens We All Want

Isn’t it peculiar that even if you don’t like to cook, you still enjoy a nice kitchen? What is it about smooth granite counter tops and stainless steel pots and pans that get us excited? When we see a nice kitchen set up in movies, we are immediately envious of those fictional characters kneading dough on the counter or letting a homemade sauce simmer on the stove. Do you think that maybe we’re infatuated by their kitchens because the food they’re preparing always looks so delicious?

Maybe that’s what it is: a beautiful kitchen will help you to make delicious food. You won’t burn the chicken and the cream sauce won’t curdle, all because the kitchen is design perfection. Here are three famous movie kitchens that’ll inspire you to bust out your kitchenware and crack open those dusty cookbooks.

Love Actually (2003)

Most notably distinguished for being a watchable film on both Christmas AND Valentine’s Day, Love Actually (apart from featuring an A-List cast) also boasts quite a fancy and functional kitchen. In the scene where Karen (Emma Thompson) is consoling Daniel (Liam Neeson) after the loss of his wife, they have their conversation in Daniel’s industrial kitchen. Entirely done up in steel and chrome, the kitchen features exposed shelving (we can see the food stuff and cookware) and undisrupted lines.

Though an industrial kitchen generally feels isolating and a little cold, Daniel’s kitchen is made homey and comfortable because we can see the contents of the pantry and how low he’s running on sugar. The kitchen demonstrates that you can have steel and chrome furnishings without it feeling like you’re out of place in your own home. To copy this look, get some stainless-steel pots and pans and glass storage bins to showcase your pasta noodles and other dry ingredients. It also wouldn’t hurt to invest in a dark stone slab countertop!

Julie & Julia (2009)

Based on a book by the same name, Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia follows two women decades apart who are trying to learn how to cook. One of the women, the original TV chef personality Julia Child, learns how to cook in France. After returning to the United States she and her husband set up a kitchen equipped with everything a budding chef could desire: crockery, knives, flatware, a dual stove—everything. First introduced to us in Julia Child’s cooking show, the kitchen is homey and special. The copper pots on display and the French country design of her tableware mixes and matches materials and pattern.

To get that cozy Juila Child vibe, paint your kitchen in bright hues (such as teal and mustard) and set up a public display of your all your kitchen accessories. You’ll have everything at hand and your partner won’t have the excuse of not knowing where something goes when doing the dishes.

It’s Complicated (2009)

Director Nancy Meyers is well-known for having exquisite film sets, the kitchen in It’s Complicated is no exception. The bright and airy Santa Barbara kitchen comes with a solid marble slab counter top with kitchen island lighting to boot. Similar to Daniel’s kitchen in Love Actually, this kitchen has exposed cabinet shelving showcasing beautifully elegant ceramic porcelain dishware and mixing bowls. Done up in warm hues of burnt orange, red sienna and sand, this kitchen is a space where you would want to prepare your meals and host your dinner parties.

To capture this look in your kitchen, go for displaying your ceramic cookware and mixing utensils. Invest in some display trays and fill the kitchen with fresh fruit and living plants. And don’t forget about the lighting!

You can personalize your kitchen like any other room in the house, you just have to know where to start. Equipped with the suggestions above, here’s your chance!


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