During our recent vacation to Destin, Florida last week, I found myself in the ER. Not the place I expected to be the night my mom was going to watch the kids so Sean and I could finally get that date night we have desperately been needing.

After an amazing day out on the beach with my family, I wasn’t feeling that great after dinner. My mom suggested my going to the ER since all the urgent care clinics had closed.

Luckily, we were right across the street from a really nice hospital. Within a few minutes my husband was walking me into the Sacred Heart Hospital ER in Miramar Beach.

While we waited I pulled up Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.

I only had to wait a little over an hour to be seen. Everyone was so nice and accommodating, which made my unexpected trip to the ER a little more enjoyable. The heated blankets were a plus!


After some tests, an IV, and a couple of tubes of blood, I was free to go.


Turns out I was dehydrated. I’ve always had a hard time drinking enough fluids, so this totally made sense for me. There is something to be said about making sure your kids are drinking enough and in turn I totally forget about myself. I think this happens a lot.

Since my stint in the hospital I decided to cut out soda, of all kind. It has been a week and I’m soda free! This is big for me, huge! I’ve been a soda/cola/pop (whatever you call it) drinker since I could remember. I’ve drunk more water and less of anything else. I do allow myself some coffee in the morning and some sweet tea with lunch and supper, but other than that, I drink water. I’m on my second bottle of water this morning as I sit here and type out this post.

My ER visit was a wake up call for me. A wake up call I  desperately needed. I’ve had issues with my kidneys in the past and I really do not want to do anything stupid to jeopardize them.

I’m so thankful my mom was with us on this trip. We were able to leave the kids in the hotel with my mom while Sean took me in. The two of us got back to the hotel around 1 am. I don’t even know if the kids knew we were gone. We picked right back up the next morning by spending our last day building sand castles and swimming in the emerald-green water. (more on my vacation to come).

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Have you ever ended up in the ER on a family vacation?


Hey there, I’m Tiffany! I’m a work-at-home mom of two rambunctious children (Jasmine, 9 + Sean II, 5) and recently widowed at just 35 years old. I've remarried and currently live right outside of Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, Louisiana with two adoring cats and a dog. Let's connect on Twitter @fabulousmomblog.


  1. This is awful but it’s good that you were able to be re-hydrated and then released. Thankfully your vacation wasn’t ruined. Glad you’re feeling better:)

    • Lynn Revels Reply

      Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. I’m so glad she is alright. ❤️

  2. Dehydration can be really scary, too! I’m the same way. I remind my kids all the time but my glass of water tends to just sit there neglected.

  3. Doesn’t sound like the best way to spend vacation! Glad it was easily fixed. It is easy to get dehyrdrated, especially at the beach.

  4. Glad you were able to get re-hydrated and back to your vacation! With our smart phones it’s nice to know that with an unexpected long stop we are able to be entertained.

  5. This happened to my father in law when we went on our “Out West” Vacation. He came down with something while we were visiting Flagstaff.

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  7. So glad it was just dehydration and nothing more! And yeah, we ended up in the ER (or close to it, some major urgent care place) in Hawaii. During our honeymoon. Yeah, my wife’s toe got majorly infected (thanks to some painful shoes she wore right before the wedding), so they had to give her antibiotics, put some ointment on it and… yeah, told her to keep it dry. That meant no swimming or snorkeling or anything. In Hawaii. Yeah. She still owes me…

    • Oh my goodness, that’s one of those nightmare honeymoon stories, but I’m sure y’all can look back and laugh. Sounds like you’ll need a redo.

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