There can be so much misinformation and false claims about medical procedures out there that it can be thought to wade through to get to the facts. Cosmetic surgeries involving Botox have been at the focus of many of these false claims.

Botox, which is a specific protein taken from Botulism viruses, is no exception. From rumors to straight-out false information, it has been a journey to let patients know the truth about Botox.

Aside from purely cosmetic procedures, Botox has also been used for several medical procedures. The Dermmedica Laser Clinic has been successfully using Botox to treat issues like excessive sweating for many years with excellent results.

Common Myths About Botox

We have put together a list of 4 of the most common myths about Botox in the hopes of educating patients about the uses and benefits of Botox treatments.

Myth #1 – Botox Is Unsafe

When you have a Botox treatment administered by a qualified technician, it couldn’t be safer to get a new look without going under the knife. The protein that is used from the Botulism compound is perfectly safe for humans and has been used safely for over 20 years with over 95% patient satisfaction. Used for both cosmetic and medicinal procedures, Botox is actually among the safest procedures that you can get to help you look your best.

Myth #2 – Your Face Will Look Frozen

Botox is used to relax particular muscles, not eliminate their natural function or limit them from moving. The “frozen” appearance that has garnered so much criticism often happens when unqualified technicians have applied too much serum into one area. When Botox is administered correctly it should gently relax the small muscles that contribute to deep grooves and wrinkles in the skin. You should not lose any type of regular mobility in your face. There is no numbing sensation or loss of feeling when Botox is done properly.

Myth #3 – Botox Is Painful

Beauty is pain, or so they say, but not necessarily when you get Botox treatments. There is currently no other way than injection to have the procedure done, but you can still expect to have a fairly easy time during the treatment. Ultra-fine needles are used and the injections stay in the upper layers of tissue, causing very little discomfort. Many clinics will use a mild numbing cream on the area prior to treatment to make the shots almost painless. Most patients claim to have little to no discomfort more severe than a pinching sensation.

Myth #4 – Botox Is Really Expensive

It can be difficult to put a basic price on Botox treatments as the cost is dependent on many factors. If you live in a larger city, you may end up paying more than you would in a smaller town. The price can also depend on the size of the area and the location of your treatment. The current average price of one unit of Botox serum is $10-$15. The average treatment for frown lines or wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can require up to 35 units to complete.

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