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Names for Baby Boys

During the magical time of pregnancy, one of the most adventurous tasks is picking out a name for the expected one. Selecting a name can be a tricky affair. There are so many to choose from and so many meaningful things which you would like the name to signify. Instead of a name with a singular meaning behind it, why not pick one which conveys multiple meanings? A multi-origin name does exactly this while being unique and easy to pronounce.

What are Multi-origin Names You Ask?

A single word can have multiple interpretations and meaning in different languages across the world. Similarly, multi-origin names have multiple meanings in several languages and cultures across the world. In case you are now considering looking into multi-origin names, let us offer you a helping hand. Our curated list below will help you understand multi-origin names better. We have handpicked ten multi-origin baby names for boys which you can put on your list.



Aryan is a popular Indian name for boys. It also has a few variations with different meanings.

-In Sanskrit, Aryan means a warrior.

-In Albanian, however, Arian means a golden life.

-And in Hebrew, Arion means melodious.


Arjan originates in Sanskrit and has been a popular name for boys.

-In Sanskrit it means winner.

-But in Albanian and Dutch, Arjan defines someone who is from Hadria.


Archie is a well-known name for boys worldwide. But did you know, it has a Sanskrit variation?

-In Scottish, Archie means someone who is genuine and has courage.

-While in Sanskrit, Archi signifies a ray.


Kian is a name for boys and means distant boy in ancient Gaelic English.

– In Persian though, Kian signifies the king and the Royals.

– While in Sanskrit, a variation of Kian, Kyan, means knowledge.


Neo is a very modern name which is very non-conformational.

-In Tswana African, Neo is a unisex name which means ‘a gift’.

-The name also has Greek origins, meaning ‘new’.


Rio is already a very popular name across the world. However, very few are aware of it having multiple-


-In English, Rio is a unisex name which means a brook or a stream.

-In Spanish, Rio is a name usually reserved for boys and symbolizes a river.

-However, in Japanese Rio is a name for girls. It has several meanings in Japanese which include cherry

blossoms, white jasmine, as well as the village.


Bryant has always been a popular name for boys. But the multiple meanings behind the name remain

relatively unknown.

-It signifies a high hill in Irish.

-But, the English definition for Bryant is virtuous.

-Surprisingly, it also has a variation, Brant, which means a sword or a blade in English and Anglo-Saxon.


Drago is a name every boy would love to have. It is indeed a very suave name to have.

-It means Dragon in French.

-It also means precious in Italian.

9 Adin

Adin is a beautiful and delicate name. It is usually bestowed upon boys.

-In Hebrew, Adin means Handsome and beautiful

– In Swahili however, Adin means ornamental.


-Zia is an English name which means motion.

-In Hebrew, though, Zia means to tremble.

-Zia symbolizes light in Persian.

Multi-origin names are diverse, exotic and special. Your baby will carry such a name with pride given it will have a rich, deep significance with an intrinsic and elaborate nature. A name which is delicate, easy to pronounce and has roots in several ancient languages of the world, will certainly be unique and distinctive-just the way you want your precious one to be. Therefore, while you are on the lookout for a name to bestow upon your son, you should definitely consider a multi-origin name for your baby boy.





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