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6 Often-Neglected Areas of Your Home You Need to Clean More Regularly


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A clean house is a happy and healthy house, but because a home has so many different areas, some don’t get enough love and cleaning attention.

Areas like kitchen counters, floors, stove tops are very top of mind so we tend to clean them more often. Other parts of the home fly under the radar and end up going uncleaned for long periods of time.

It’s something most people are prone to especially when life gets busy, and there’s too many things on your to-do list.
Which areas of your home don’t get enough attention when it comes to cleaning, and how can we make sure they are included in our house cleaning schedule?


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Gutters serve a very important role in the structure of your house, but they can also fly under the radar until they become a big problem with costly consequences. Gutters collect leaves and dirt over time and they need to be cleared out regularly for the sake of your home.

According to Guardian Roofing, a company that does maintenance and repairs on thousands of gutters in Houston, “because of rain, homes need sturdy gutters that are capable of withstanding water and wind. Improper channeling of water often causes damage to your siding, roof, landscape, and foundation.”

Poorly maintained gutters can lead to;

Keeping clean gutters will spare you costly property damage and maintain the value of your home.

Behind the Stove

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The stove is probably one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Daily cooking, roasting and grilling can often lead to build up of oil and grease on the floor underneath the stove and the wall behind it.

Every once in a while, it’s important to move the stove, if you can, and clean those areas to avoid the unsightly grease that can actually damage your floors.


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You look at them every day, but sometimes you take for granted that they need to be cleaned. We shouldn’t have to wait until a mirror is filthy and streaky to pay attention to it.

Mirrors collect dust often, and it can become quite unsightly. Add mirror cleaning to your regular cleaning schedule so that it’s always looking good and enhancing your home.

Underneath the Couch

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How often do you look underneath your couch, let alone clean it? The area below our couches is often neglected because we don’t really see it, but this area collects a lot of dirt and dust that can actually comprise the quality of the air in your home.

From time to time, move your couch and vacuum underneath it. It’s a cleaning job that may not be noticeable, but is very important to the health of your home and your family.

Stove Knobs

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We come into contact with them basically everyday, but we often forget to give the knobs and controls of our stoves a good cleaning.

It’s easy to remember to clean the oven, and the stove top, but what about the knobs that are deceptively high traffic? Cleaning is an important factor in making sure our appliances last longer, so remembering the knobs is important to avoid the build up of oil, food residue and dust.

Your Junk Drawer

We all have that drawer or that cabinet that has become the catch-all for the things that have no dedicated space. Over months, this drawer can turn into a very disorganized and messy space that serves no real purpose at all.

It’s important to go through this drawer regularly to clear out the clutter, and make sure you’re actually keeping things you need and organizing things that could be kept elsewhere.

Don’t let your junk drawer become a zone of stress. Disorganization wastes valuable space, so avoid falling into that trap.

Keeping a clean home is important, but it’s easy to lose track of everything it entails. Some areas fly under the radar and can go months without a clean, but if you create a system and a regular schedule, you can stay on top of everything your home needs, from the gutters to the areas underneath your furniture.

You can seamlessly add these tasks into the rotation, and for the bigger jobs, schedule cleans with service providers who will be more than happy to step in and take some of the stress away. Maintaining your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming with the right resources!

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