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Net Enclosures Make for Safe and Reliable Trampolines

Safe and Reliable TrampolinesThere were times when trampolines gained a reputation for causing more injuries than enjoyment – and for good reason. Accidents involving trampolines included but weren’t limited to broken bones, head injuries, sprains, and strains – these accidents were all too common and seemed to be unavoidable. Fortunately, improved design features and innovation in recent years have made it possible for your children to enjoy the fun of a trampoline while keeping the risk of injury at an all-time low.

When shopping for a trampoline, there are several aspects to take into consideration. For example, the use of flexible composite rods rather than springs is not only an enhanced design feature, but crucial when it comes to safety. With the patented Spring free Trampoline design, these flexible rods are located under the jumping surface, so you don’t need to worry about your child coming into contact with them and risking injury. Something else to look out for is where precisely the frame is situated; a hidden frame eliminates the chance of impact all together. Spring free Trampolines have the frame situated underneath the jumping surface where contact cannot be made, and by replacing the springs with flexible composite rods (also hidden below the surface), another major impact zone is removed from play.

Moreover, the Soft Edge mat utilized by Spring free Trampolines reduces the stress of impact when your child doesn’t quite manage to land those flips and tucks they are practicing. Additionally, purchasing a trampoline with a net enclosure is highly recommended and an important component of trampoline safety. While traditional trampolines use rigid steel poles to hold up the nets, only Spring free uses the same composite rod technology to provide support beams that absorb the weight of bouncers and gently guide them back into the center of the trampoline. This is a major improvement over steel poles which resist energy and weight, causing injury to those who collide with them.

If you’re searching for the safest trampoline, be sure to conduct your research the right way, and find companies endorsed by third party awards. Obviously, it’s one thing to read about safety on a blog, and another entirely to see endorsements from actual safety councils and awards bodies. Therefore, before buying any product, it’s advisable to seek out a manufacturer that has received industry awards for innovation and safety. Respected awards include the International Design Award, the US Family Choice Award, and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award —all of which Spring free has won for their innovative designs.

Once you are comfortable that you have made the most reliable trampoline purchase, and you have your net enclosure installed, you may want to consider coming up with an incentive to get your kids outside. The tgoma digital game app brings interactive and competitive elements to modern day trampolines – this app turns jumping on a trampoline into a challenging outdoor workout. While the app is sure to be popular with your children, you may find yourself giving it a try as well. Tgoma is more than a toy, it allows you to keep track of activity levels, set goals, and participate in virtual events with friends and family as well as gamers from around the world through the tgoma Fit feature. Kids and parents alike can’t stop raving about the world’s first smart trampoline.

While trampolines can be dangerous, if the proper precautions are taken, such as selecting a safer design, as well as installing the trampoline and net enclosure properly, you minimize the risk and maximize the enjoyment of trampoline play for your family, and with new digital gaming accessories, the trampoline is sure to be a staple in your backyard.




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