“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world,” said a very famous activist who spoke for educational rights.

Having an ‘only work for money’ attitude can disconnect one from the educational opportunities the current era has brought up. While money is an essential by-product, education is much more profound and broader than currency.

The present era has endowed children with the accessibility to knowledge worldwide through online learning. Various personalised online learning and examination tools offer a free practice test for year 3 to 7 students in subjects like English and Maths.

With various internet learning tools and games accessible to children, they can grow and develop themselves holistically.

How To Help Your Kids Start Studying Now

Younger students often get drawn away from studying due to a wide range of distractions like TV, mobile games, lack of interest, etc. Go through this section to learn some tips to make your kids start studying now.

Practice Tests

Practice Tests
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One best way to help younger students study more effectively is by giving practice tests. You can get practice for standardised tests and ask them to solve the questions. Previous year papers, along with practice tests, can assist in making younger kids study efficiently.

Use Online Tools

Use Online Tools
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Currently, there are various online educational tools designed to help younger students study easily. For example, you can use online 3D classes, live sessions, examination platforms, and other online tools, improving your child’s curiosity and interest in studying more.

Praise Them

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Children enjoy receiving compliments, so it is crucial to praise the younger students repeatedly to keep them engaged with their studies. You can provide enough encouragement they need to continue studying by following positive parenting and appreciating their victories.

Give Short Breaks

Give Short Breaks
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Your children could find studying tedious if you continuously ask them to do it for several hours. Ensure to give short breaks between the study sessions so the children can rest their brains.

Why Students Require Personalised Examinations

Why Students Require Personalised Examinations
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Personalised and standard examinations have become a necessity for students, especially younger students. Check out the top reasons that explain why students require personalised tests.

  • Different learning styles: It is a statement that every learner studies and engages with knowledge in various manners. Not only can it expose other studying methods to budding students, but it can also make test-taking fun and enjoyable by catering to different requirements.
  • Improved performance: With adaptive interactions with content materials and questions, students can benefit from the gradual performance improvement. Customised exams can invoke a sense of personal growth and drive towards achievements.
  • Instantaneous feedback: With on-spot delivery of reports, students can make learning a much more efficient process. These reports contain detailed information on the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and critical improvements. This enables parents to instruct children effectively.
  • Time-efficient: International students would not have to worry about travel and expenses for taking exams. Apart from monetary costs, the travel time is reduced by a marginal extent, allocating more time towards study and other hobbies.

Build Your Foundation

Educational institutions help gradually progress their learning from arithmetics to calculus. Education allows people to acquire respectable jobs and develop personalities and standards that enable them to make personal decisions.

Thankfully, it is much easier now than a few centuries ago. With the development of science and technology, various examination services have come into existence. To expand their services and build trust among users, personalised test-taking services offer a practice test for year 3 to 7 students to open up a new world of personalised learning.

After availing of examination services, parents can now avail of real-time progress reports, which indicate strengths and weaknesses in subject areas. With unlimited retakes and tailored learning experiences, laying an early foundation is much accessible to students, young and old.


Education is a powerful weapon. Proper knowledge and application can make you an influential and respectable citizen of society. Children today have learned from the immediate idols to slog their work hours to earn bread, who is none other than their parents.

However, they don’t intuitively know what they must learn to change the economic world they’re chained to. You can kickstart your career and build an early foundation by availing of proper educational services and personalised examination tools.


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