If you are setting off on a camping trip you may be trying to decide on the best option when it comes to what to sleep on. You may love the idea of being out there with nature but chances are you still want to be comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep so that you can fully enjoy the trip.

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There are of course many options to choose from, such as roll mats, comfortable air beds and self-inflating mats. We are going to take a look at these three options and what they can offer you as a form of bedding when you are camping.

Foam roll mats

Foam roll mats have been around for decades. When you were a kid you probably remember using your roll mat on school camping trips. The good thing about foam roll mats is that they are cheap. They are also easy to use so you do not have any hassles when you are setting up camp. You just roll the mat out and lay your sleeping bag on top of it. However the truth is that foam roll mats are not comfortable to sleep on and have been overtaken in popularity by products that can help guarantee a much better night’s sleep.

More comfortable airbeds

An airbed is definitely a more comfortable option than a roll mat. It is not the same size as your bed at home but it should definitely enable you to get the sleep you need while you are camping. Airbeds are easy to transport as you just inflate them when you arrive at the campsite. You can use a hand pump, foot pump or a 12v electric pump. You can plug the electric pump into your car, to make inflation easier. The one thing you need to look out for if you use an air bed while camping is the possibility of punctures. Bearing this in mind, you should be careful where you place an airbed.

Self- inflating mats (SIMs)

A SIM is the modern version of the old roll mats. SIMs are easily transported as they actually fold into a smaller form than roll mats, but they can then be inflated when you arrive at your destinations. This makes them a lot more comfortable to sleep on than roll mats. SIMs inflate themselves to a certain degree, although you may have to give them a hand. The original SIMs tended to be a less comfortable option than an air bed. This was because they were originally designed to be small enough to fit in a back pack. Larger SIMs are now being designed which facilitate a greater amount of comfort.

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You should be able to choose a suitable bedding option for your camping trip, from the options we have provided. All of the options can be used while camping but there is no doubt that some offer a better chance of getting some proper sleep.

Which of these options would you choose to use on your next camping trip?

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