It’s hard enough keeping things organized in your home before kids come along and when they do arrive it becomes near impossible!

organization hacks

If you have forgotten the color of your carpets due to the amount of toys that now cover them, then here are some organization hacks to help restore some order to your home.

1. Self-storage

Before you start to organise your home, you need to have a clear out of everything you don’t need. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw it away, but rather store away items that are taking up space and you don’t really need at the moment. Use a service, such as Kelly’s Mobile Self Storage, and see this as the spare room you don’t have! Your items will be secure here and returned to you when you need them.

2. Coat rack and shoe shelf  

Avoid your kids coming in and throwing their coats and shoes on the floor, by placing a coat rack and shoe shelf in the entrance hall. Label up their own hook and shelf, so they have a specific place to put their belongings.   

3. Furniture with built-in storage

When purchasing new furniture for your home, consider those that have built-in storage. This will keep rooms tidy, without storage solutions taking up any extra space. How about a loft bed in your kid’s rooms? It will make the most of wasted wall space, whilst providing much-needed floor space.

4. Make the most of unused space

Wall storage hangers and door pockets, will make the most of unused space. These can labeled and used to store toys, clothes or shoes!

5. Labeled transparent drawers

Label up drawers (and boxes) with the contents inside, so items are always easy to put away and find again. Transparent drawers are perfect for kids, as they won’t need to take everything out to find what they are looking for.

6. Dress-up closet

Your kids probably have more dress-up clothes than they do normal clothes, so give them a closet solely for these. This way they have somewhere to put them all away and know where they are when they need them.

7. Art and crafts storage

Kids love to get the glue, paint and crayons out, but the result is often a huge mess that you have to clear up afterwards. Get the kids crafting to create their own storage; including pen pots, paper trays etc. They are bound to use it afterwards, knowing they made it themselves.  

8. Toy shelves

Instead of cuddly toys taking up more bed space than your child, put up shelving to store them. Your kid will love having them on display, and you won’t be continually picking them up off the floor!

9. Repurpose old items for storage

This will not only add a quirky feel to your home, but it will re-use items you thought you no longer needed and create organisation. A plant basket frame for books or cookie jars for smaller toys, perhaps?

10. Noticeboard

Kids come home from school most days with several pieces of paperwork that often get lost at the bottom of their bag or end up in the bin before you have seen them. A notice board in the kitchen is the perfect place to keep them all, so none go unnoticed.

Try out these easy organizational hacks and never find yourself in a cluttered mess again…well until tomorrow at least!

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