playing outdoors Spending time outdoors is important for people of all ages, but it is especially important for young children who need to grow a love of the great outdoors, get some much-needed exercise, and get out of the house and away from all the electronic devices for a while. But what activities can you use to get your kids excited about being outside? Continue reading for a short list to get started on outdoor activities your little ones will love.

Plant a Miniature Garden

One of the best ways to help your children learn to love nature and watch things grow is by allowing them to plant a garden. If you don’t want them getting their hands dirty in your garden, you can let them plant their own mini garden instead. Even toddlers can begin enjoying the wonders of watching plant life grow, and when they see their seeds sprout into lovely flowers, they will definitely feel accomplished.

Purchase seedlings that are ready to be transplanted into pots that have been filled with soil. You can go for flowers or vegetables, such as green beans, basil, or tomatoes, which are all reliable and kid-friendly.

Horseback Riding

When your children are very young, pony rides are the best bet, but as your kids get older, they can graduate to horseback riding. This is a fantastic way for them to connect not only with nature and the outside world, but also with amazing animals. Plus, caring for a horse is a great way to teach your kids responsibility and how to be nurturing of other living things.

Just be sure to purchase the right horse equipment from places like One Stop Equine, and make sure that you work with a qualified trainer to get your kids used to being around and on horses.

Draw with Sidewalk Chalk

Another simple yet surprisingly fun activity involves using eco-friendly sidewalk chalk to draw, play hopscotch, and more with the kids. This is a great way to let your kids get creative while they are playing outside, as they can write their names and their favorite words on the ground, as well as draw and use their imaginations to come up with fun sidewalk games.

Family Bike Rides in the Park

Find a great park with a fun biking trail and head out as a family. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time together on the weekends or after school, and it also doubles as a solid form of exercise for everyone.

Your kids will learn to love being active outside, and you will all be able to connect as a family unit at the same time. Just make sure you purchase the right bikes for your kids, along with the appropriate safety gear, including helmets and joint pads.

One of the most important parts of growing up is developing a love of being active outside. With these activities, your kids will be able to stay in shape as they use their creativity, connect with plant and animal life, and spend quality time with you.

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