Remember when you were a child, and you would go to a friend’s for a sleepover with a sleeping bag on the floor? Or maybe the time you visited your best friend at college, and did the same on his or her dorm room floor?

Chances are, you survived the night, but it was a restless one you hoped to forget. With the recollection of what sleeping on a cold, hard floor is like, what do you think it would be like to have that as your only place to sit down, relax, and rest?

It sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it? So why is it then, when we will go to the moon and back to be as comfy as possible, we expect pets to get by living on the floor we swore we would never lay down on again?

Certainly, animals are adaptable and, perhaps, a bit more hardy than us humans. And while they’ve happily spent time at our feet for centuries, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy a bit of comfort, just like you or I would.

For those of us wanting to give their pets a chance to rest and relax a little better, especially pets getting older, or ones recuperating from injuries or procedures, pet beds can make this much easier on their muscles and joints. With memory foam dog or cat beds, foam contours to the curvature of their bodies just like it does people, helping to improve circulation and relieve pressure, while still remaining supportive. Without aches and pains from the hard floor, getting up and down can be much easier, and with better rest, they may even have more energy during the day!

If you’d like to make the lives of your best friends a little better, the gift of comfort in the form of memory foam pet is a wonderful option.


Hey there, I’m Tiffany! I’m a work-at-home mom of two rambunctious children (Jasmine, 9 + Sean II, 5) and recently widowed at just 35 years old. I've remarried and currently live right outside of Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, Louisiana with two adoring cats and a dog. Let's connect on Twitter @fabulousmomblog.

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