Once your pets become part of the family, they start to show up in family photographs. There are the children playing with the puppy or the kitten getting into trouble on her own by playing with the handles on luxury kitchen faucets or engaging in some other mischief. It could be the one sporting the blue ribbon for best in breed or the one performing favorite tricks. Or, maybe it’s you daughter jumping on her champion steed.

Before you know it, you have a whole album of photos where you can trace the pet’s life to a peaceful end. But, albums have a way of being private memories. So, if you want a memory to hang on the wall, consider a full-color, master-painted oil portrait of your memory.

Memorialize Your Pet

There are many ways to remember your pet. Some have ceramics or bronzes made. Some have their pet’s ashes processed into “diamonds,” or they have their pets stuffed or freeze-dried. And, Huffington Post reports, “A growing number of weavers are turning dog hair — which they call chiengora — into warm clothes such as sweaters and scarves.”

A More traditional Option

At www.instapainting.com/pet-portraits, you can have a 100% free-hand painted, ready-to-frame oil portrait completed on canvas by a master oil portrait artist. The artist will complete the portrait within 7 to 10 days and ship it directly to you in protected packaging.

You use a picture or a combination of pictures for the artist to layout in a collage format. The artist can work from several pictures to show the pet at different ages. Or, you can direct the painter to remove or change the background in the picture.

If you prefer, the artist will draw a charcoal sketch or watercolor. And, you can, if you prefer, as for a glyceé in which the artist adds color to a portrait digitally printed on canvas.

Our Need to Remember

What pets do best is provide lasting companionship. You feed them, take them to the vet, and give them a home for life. You give them much your time and put effort into their care.

There has probably been some research on the topic, but it is curious why we give up so much for pets. It does seem to make pet owners happy. Clearly, there are people who like pets and those who do without.

Apparently, there is something special, if difficult, to describe in the relationship people have with their animals. Some have had their pets since they were both youngsters; some go through a series of pets as if they needed the relationship to continue; and, others raise and breed animals as a business. Each remembers their animal friends in different but meaningful ways.

As Melissa Hogenboom pointed out on the BBC, “You cannot expect your pet to offer anything material in return. Yet millions of people keep them and consider them an integral part of the family.”

So, comes the time when you want to honor or remember your pet, committing to handsome pet pictures as a fitting memorial isn’t surprising.

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