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Please not another squeak toy

With Christmas upon us for another year, let’s look at some gifts for the furrier part of your family – the faithful family dog.

The default seems to be another squeaky ball toy, but that can be a real headache once they get their furry paws on it – literally.

Let’s look at some other options that can be a bit nicer to your ears.

Fetch toys

Your garden variety fetch toys are balls, ropes, fake bones, Frisbees – there are a lot of toys you can choose from here. Make sure you don’t get one that squeaks! Check. Once they get it, they won’t let it go, unless they take your hand with it.

The advantage of fetch toys is that they can wear out your dog, giving them a good exercise and tiring them out so they (and you) can rest.

Rope toys

Another good one for wearing out the dog, rope toys can provide a simple pleasure of tug of war with your dog. It can double as a bonus by providing dental benefits to your pup.

Soft toys

Soft toys and animals can fall into either of the two categories above, as they can be fetch toys OR rope toys. Be mindful if you use them too much as rope toys, they aren’t as durable as regular rope toys, so tug of war might ripe apart the toy fairly quickly.

So spoil your dog this Christmas with some extra toys to make it his special day, too, so they can share the joy with the whole family.

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