How the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries Can Go Wrong

When you think of the Queen, you don’t immediately associate cosmetic surgery with the monarch. Recently however a new image of Elizabeth II that will be appearing on British coins later this year designed by artist Jody Clark has prompted a plastic surgeon to suggest that cosmetic surgery may be in order for the Queen.

We were astonished recently to see that cosmetic surgeon John Ryan had advocated cosmetic eyelid surgery, to give the Queen’s eye bags a rise as well as a neck lift to take her ‘turkey neck’ away. For more cosmetic surgery astonishing updates you should check out the news section of Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors.

All very funny you might say but it points to a growing trend in the UK of taking the risks of cosmetic surgery far too lightly. We decided we’d take a closer look at how cosmetic surgery can go wrong.

Clinical Negligence Increases across All Cosmetic Surgeries

Society places a huge pressure on its citizens to look as close to an ideal of perfect beauty as possible.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that over a quarter of Britons would consider having a cosmetic surgical procedure like breast enlargement, eye bag surgery or a face lift to improve their appearance. This would also explain why consumer spending of £3.6 billion is predicted for the UK cosmetic surgery industry in 2015.

As we learned however from our visit to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, the increase in numbers of cosmetic surgeries has been accompanied by a worrying rise in the number of cosmetic medical negligence cases.

Let’s look at five of the most common cases of negligent cosmetic surgery in the UK at the moment.

How Boob Jobs Can Go Wrong

The Queen may not have been encouraged to have a breast enlargement but breast implant surgery has been the most popular cosmetic surgery in the UK for the last ten years with an amazing 30,000 boob jobs performed every year.

When breast enlargement goes wrong however, the problems the patient can experience can be truly awful. The types of cases that Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors deal with include:

  • Sagging of the breast (ptosis)
  • Lopsided breasts (asymmetry)
  • Bottoming out when the implant falls to the bottom of the breast
  • Cottage loaf effect, where the breast has a double instead of single mound appearance
A Sight for Sore Eyes

Done to improve the cosmetic appearance of the eyes and thereby to rejuvenate the patient’s look, eye bag removal surgery or blepharoplasty is a very popular plastic surgery in the UK.

It may not be the most appropriate for an 88-year-old monarch but it is the second most popular cosmetic procedure in the country and should proceed without complication if handled by a qualified and competent cosmetic surgeon. But when an eyelid surgery goes wrong, the following effects can happen:

  • Lopsided appearance of both eyes
  • Droopiness of the lower eyelid (ectropian)
  • Blurred or impaired vision
Your Neck on the Line

To rectify a so-called turkey neck requires an invasive procedure that can test the hardiest of queens. A neck lift also known as a platysmaplasty cuts away excess skin and fatty tissue from the neck and jaw in an attempt to make the patient look younger.
Despite the claims of cosmetic surgeons like John Ryan, from our research on the website of Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, it’s clear that neck lift negligence can cause real damage like:

  • Facial unevenness
  • Neck tightness where the skin has been stretched too much
  • Severe scarring
Losing Face

So if you’ve had that neck lift, you may also have a facelift done at the same time to get rid of your crow’s feet, your forehead creases or your aging jowls. But beware if your facelift doesn’t match your expectations, you may be left with distressing results like these:

  • Permanent facial nerve damage
  • Pixie ear deformity or lopsided ears
  • Over-tightening of skin on the face
  • Blackened or discolored skin (necrosis)
Reductions in Breast Size Lead to Increases in Medical Negligence

The final one of the five most common cases of plastic surgery negligence from Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors is breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty. After the spate of compensation claims due to the PIP breast implant scandal, there has been an understandable increase in breast reduction ops in the UK. What is dismaying, however, is that there have also been increases in the volume of negligent breast reduction surgeries. When a breast reduction goes wrong, then the consequences for the patient can be terrible:

  • Droopy or ptotic breasts after breast reduction surgery
  • Ugly and unsightly scarring
  • Uneven breasts and nipples
  • Loss of the nipple itself or loss of nipple sensation

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