Being part of a company that values the happiness and wellbeing of its employees can make all the difference in whether or not you are happy within your chosen career field workplace environment.

Many people find themselves struggling to handle negativity in the workplace or bad relationships with supervisors or coworkers, and thus struggle to find a good work/life balance, as their negative feelings about work tend to overflow into their life at home.

Choosing a positive workplace can help you to be a better and more present mother, spouse, and friend, and can make drastic improvements to your mental health. Here are a few positive signs that show your employer cares about you and your experience in the workplace.

Company Values

All companies should be founded on values that represent a commitment to respecting all employees’ identities and personal values and treating all team members as humans first, and employees second. A company should aim to achieve its business goals while prioritizing the well-being of its team members along the way.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Employees are less likely to dread coming into the office when doing so is actually fun. A workplace that allows you to personalize your desk or provides a space where you can chat with other coworkers boost creativity and productivity, and make coming to work a more enjoyable experience.

Look for companies that do things just for fun, like weekly dress-down days or allowing employees to bring their pets to work (which is an increasingly common practice in modern workplaces).

Relaxed-office -Signs of a Positive Workplace

Honest Communication and Feedback

Employees thrive in a workplace where honestly is encouraged among coworkers and supervisors. In a positive work environment, feedback should be viewed as a way to strengthen individual and team skills, not as criticism or a means for punishment by supervisors.

Prioritize Knowledge

The best employers are the ones who make the workplace and general knowledge accessible to employees to ensure the best possible work environment. Companies like HSI offer workplace training programs that prioritize Health & Safety in the workplace, as well as diversity and inclusion, leadership, and technical skills.


In remembering that employees have a life outside of the office, employers can show that they prioritize their team having a strong work/life balance by offering flexible scheduling. This can mean unlimited PTO, the option to work from home, allowing employees to pick their hours, and more.

A positive work environment can come in many shapes and forms, and it is ultimately up to you to find a workplace that fits all of your needs.

If you are in a rut and dislike your job or work environment and find that it is taking a toll on your free time, and ability to be there for your family and yourself, keep these factors in mind should you begin the process of job searching.


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