Keeping your home at the right temperature is something that has become increasingly difficult. There is no shortage of great heating and cooling appliances available, which are cheap to buy.

The problem is that they now cost so much to run compared to how much they did just a few years ago. You can see just how steeply power prices have risen by clicking this link.

Fortunately, there are ways you can combat the fact that the cost of power is rising. Below we provide you with a couple of fast and easy ways to do it.

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Invest In Some Energy Monitoring Devices

Some power companies have introduced smart meters. These enable consumers to find out, at a glance, how much electricity, and in some cases gas, they are using at any given point in the day.

Armed with this information, many households have been able to reduce the amount of power they use, by a significant amount. Some parents use the information the smart meter produces to demonstrate to their children just how much power they are wasting.

Unsurprisingly, when presented with hard evidence most people are suddenly motivated enough to turn the lights off when they leave the room, and stop leaving things on standby. These good habits save a surprising amount of power. Most people cover the cost of buying energy monitoring devices within a couple of months.

Smart Home Devices

Installing devices like smart thermostats will also help you to reduce your power and fuel consumption. For example, if you are delayed at work, you are able to use your smartphone to override your boiler schedule, so that the heating does not come on at its normal time. Instead, when you leave work you can use your smartphone to instruct your thermostat to turn on the boiler. This ensures that you still arrive home to a warm house, but have not wasted any money by heating an empty house.

Over the course of a year, you will end up saving a surprising amount of money by using a smart thermostat. Most homeowners find that the cost of buying the device is covered very quickly.

Pay Less for Your Power and Fuel

Increasingly, consumers are taking advantage of low cost tariffs to reduce the size of their fuel bills. It does not matter how you heat your home you can save a lot of money by shopping around for the best price. It is easy to find the best home heating oil prices from Emo Oil and use a good comparison website to ensure that you sign up for the best electricity, or gas deal.

If you use a wood burning stove, you can still get your hands on free or very cheap fuel. People regularly give away waste wood that they generate when they prune their trees or large shrubs. Many also give away wooden furniture that can easily be cut up, and used as fuel.

The more innovative and flexible you are the more you can save. None of the above tips is difficult, or costly, to implement.


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