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Pregnancy Shoes That Are Comfortable And Stylish


One of the many unpleasant effects of pregnancy is swollen feet, which leads many women to search for new, more comfortable shoes in the months leading up to giving birth.

Finding shoes that fit correctly, even when your feet are swollen, is important unless you want to risk a trip to Northwest Surgery Center to take care of an issue like bunions.

While there are numerous brands that sell “pregnancy shoes” intended to maximize an expecting mother’s comfort levels, the truth is that most of them available are just not stylish.

Luckily, newer brands have emerged throughout the last few years offering cutting-edge apparel that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style, including shoes! If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will keep you comfortable during your pregnancy, here are a few companies to consider.

Ollie Gray

Ollie Gray is an award-winning, revolutionary maternity wear company famous for its breathable, knit sneakers. The soles of their shoes offer superior arch support, and the stretchy exterior of each shoe means you won’t need to work to squeeze your swollen feet into them.


Known for its iconic rain boots, Hunter is an outerwear brand that produces high-quality, comfortable boots that can withstand harsh conditions such as rain while still maintaining an element of style.

These are great shoes for pregnancy due to their wider ankles, perfect for those experiencing swelling.


Tevas are built for adventure and designed with maximum comfort in mind. These sandals come in a variety of styles, meaning it will be easy to find a pair that is perfect for you and come with straps that can be adjusted to each foot. Plus, they’re waterproof!


Do you wish you could wear your fluffy slippers out of the house? With Uggs, you can – kind of. Their iconic winter boots are soft, comfortable, and just about as close as you can get to wearing slippers while still having excellent traction and arch support in order to withstand various conditions and keep your feet pain-free throughout the day.


While Sketchers might be known for their sneakers, they also produce some of the most comfortable and size-inclusive slip-on shoes available on the market.

Their shoes come in a variety of sizes and widths, making them perfect for those experiencing swelling related to pregnancy.

Sketchers have great arch support and always allow for plenty of wiggle room in the toes, making them one of the best and most comfortable options for shoes available.

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