Christening is an important occasion for the baby and people do this for all kinds of reasons that may be religious, sentimental traditional or even from pressure. This once in a life time occasion should not be a reason to stress you out as you can make it as simple or as sophisticated as you wish. Here are a few ways to help prepare for christening on a budget.

Get a second hand christening gown

The christening gown is one of the basic requirements during preparation. It could end up being a costly affair especially with trendy fashions and designer wear. However you do not always have to buy one as you could use one that has been in the heirloom, use one used by an older child or get one from a friend or relative. After all it is only worn once by toddlers who are not yet independent in mobility and hence less damaged. You can avoid the costs of buying a new one and still have the christening gown of your dreams.


Reduce costs on invites

When preparing a christening ceremony for your baby, making guest lists and invitation plans are part and parcel of the process. With the advancement in technology you can make use of social media to invite friends and family, write pretty lettered emails with perhaps a current photo attached or make phone calls and catch up on some gossip too. If you need to reach out to other people in the family who are not in the same page with you technology wise you can go the classic way and create your very own invitation cards decorating them with paint, glitter and some left over ribbons.

Use recycled ribbon in their hair

When the issue of the gown is solved, next you think about the accessories, and how adorable a baby looks when adorned in lovely accessories. These adorable accessories to put on your baby’s hair come at a price which may not be in your budget at the moment. You cannot however ignore your baby’s appearance just because your pockets are rather empty. Be creative and make use of the pieces of left over ribbons lying around in the house. You can make your own headband by recycling the left over ribbons to make pretty bows to stick on the headbands. If the baby has longer hair you can use ribbons on the pig tails, this will add a pop of color to the normally white outfits on the baby.

Host the after party in your own home

Finding the perfect venue for your christening party is difficult especially with your routine and when you do find a suitable place it means parting with a certain amount of cash depending on the size and location of the venue. However if you have a big house or one with a large compound you can avoid all the extra costs and have the party at home.


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