Summertime is here and school is finally out. Now that your kids are home for the next few months, you may be wondering how you are going to find the time to prepare healthy meals for them. After all, your busy lifestyle limits the amount of time you have to get creative in the kitchen. Fortunately, now that your children are school age, there are ways you can get them to maintain a healthy diet while they are on vacation.

prepare healthy meals

Make a List Before You Go Shopping

When you make a list of the items you need from the store, it becomes much easier for you to leave it without spending extra money on unhealthy foods. A list also allows you to keep track of what items you need to get for your children. Since kids love to eat frequently, be sure to add lots of fruits and vegetables to your list.

Plan Your Grocery Trips

If it is possible, stop taking your children to the grocery store with you. If they must go with you to the grocery store, make sure that everyone has a full stomach before you go. Going to the grocery store while you and the kids are hungry is a recipe for disaster. It can become more challenging for you leave the store without additional food items that may not be so healthy for you or your kids.

Mix Things Up

Keep things interesting by trying out different cuisines periodically. You’d be surprised at how exciting and fun trying new foods can be. Your children will enjoy experiencing different foods and dishes that come from different parts of the world. Plus, you’ll enjoy the taste something new.

Educate Them

Part of establishing good eating habits is education. Your children should know that there is more to healthy eating than it is good for them. Teach that healthy foods can help them to feel healthy and improve their appearance. Healthy foods are also a good source of energy, which is what they are going to need plenty of while they are out of school for the season.

Encourage Healthy Snacking

Periodically, your children may attempt to raid your refrigerator and cupboards in search of something that tastes good and to soothe their hunger pains. While it may be easier for them to grab a bag of chips or some candy to satisfy their cravings, they are much better off eating healthy snacks. Apples, oranges, grapes, carrots, hummus, and other fruits and vegetables require very little preparation effort and are easily accessible for when your children need fast, easy, and healthy snacks while they are on the go.

Encourage Them

Children often need encouragement. Even if you have nothing but healthy foods in your refrigerator and cupboards, you should always offer some encouragement to your children to get them to willing eat healthier foods like Hampton Creek sustainable and plant-infused foods. Foods that have more nutrients are healthier and friendlier to the digestive system. Your children may be able to benefit from them even more if they require special diets to prevent allergies and certain ailments as well. Sometimes, children forget to eat or they may forget how much they enjoyed a particularly healthy meal, it is your job as their parent to be their source of support to get them to try new things so they can develop healthy habits.

Prepare Meals Together

Sometimes all it takes to get your children onboard with meal time is participation. Whenever you have time to do so, spend some time with your kids in the kitchen preparing some healthy meals and snacks. This will teach your kids to appreciate their culinary skills and motivate them to feel proud of what they can do. They’ll also develop a healthy appetite for what is being made, thus making the battle to get them to eat healthier during summer break easier for you to win.

Getting your kids to invest in their eating habits and to be more receptive to the ideas of healthy foods and a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. With the right approach, tactics, resources, mindset, and healthy foods you can make it a win-win situation for everyone. Just be sure that you don’t sacrifice your personal eating habits from the stress of your busy schedule and from your children being around more for the season.


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