How can you transform your child’s bedroom into a cosy retreat that makes them gasp with awe and wonder when they walk in the room? Inspiration for your child’s room can be found all around you. Start off thinking about their hobbies and interests as a good first step. Talk to your children about their ideas for their room and once you’ve considered all of their responses (including the improbably flying bed or impossible pet dinosaur in the corner) then get planning. Here are some quirky ways to create the perfect bedroom space for your little ones.

give teenagers a space of their own

Bedroom furniture – The bed is always the most important part of any bedroom no matter how big or small the occupier might be. Creating enough space for bedroom furniture and for children to play has to be considered. Depending on the theme of your child’s room, you could invest in beds that come shaped as a car, a rocket ship, a palace and many more styled beds that a suitable mattress will fit into. For older children you may wish to incorporate desks into the bed or underneath a bunk bed, giving each piece of furniture a dual purpose.

Storage– Over time your children will collect lots of clothes, personal items and toys. Keeping these stored so that they are easily and safely accessible, as well as being easy for them to pack away, is important. Storage boxes do not need to be boring or uninspiring for your kids; in fact they can actually become a feature. If you have a room filled with a construction theme then you can now get giant Lego blocks or Lego Heads to store items in, or use a treasure chest to create the perfect storage for your young pirate.

Wallpaper – There are hundreds of styles of wallpaper to suit any theme that you wish to create in a bedroom space. If you have creative children who love to colour and draw then fill your walls with colouring in paper with fun designs, pictures or patterns for them to enjoy. This will also help to brighten up their room as they gradually fill in every inch of their walls. Your children will get ownership of their bedroom space and be involved in shaping the way it looks. However, some of you may be wary of allowing your children to draw on walls for fear of them repeating this elsewhere in the home! Instead, you can always buy wallpaper that is filled with their favourite cartoon characters or superheroes. B&Q has a good range of children’s wallpaper.

Snug – Children love to build dens or hide in small spaces that are sheltered away from the rest of the world, where they can read books or play with their toys. You can always use pop-up tents, tee-pees or just a colourful sheet attached to your wall to create an undercover area that feeds this desire.

Remember, every child is individual and is bound to want different things (even compared to their siblings) so do your best to create a unique space for your special little one.


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