Restaurant booths have bases, seats, backs, and legs. The key to success in choosing a booth is knowing the dimensions, number of sections, and desired layout.

Knowing the desired overall effect of your booth layout is an essential part of choosing; consider the following factors: Whether this unit is to be fixed on the wall, Whether something sticks to this unit, Whether the sections are merged, etc. If you find it difficult to answer these questions, don’t worry! Problem-solving is part of Restaurant furniture Plus. We are here to help you find a solution during the quotation process.

Features of Restaurant booths


Once restaurants understand why many customers prefer booths, they can choose them with the features they need to satisfy their customers. For example, booths have different construction features, sizes, and designs. Knowing the options available helps restaurant owners choose the most suitable booths for their dining establishments and the most ideal for their customers.


The seat Height of Restaurant Booths

The seat height should be at least 36 inches, which brings the seat at the level of most people’s shoulder blades, providing adequate support to the lower back; The higher the seat, the higher the privacy feeling in the restaurant booths.

Seat length of Restaurant Booths

Although the two-seater is at least 45 inches long, the 48-inch seat can accommodate two people more comfortably. You need to strike a balance between the convenience of the customer and the space available in the restaurant.

The seat of Restaurant Booths

The seat can have springs, it can be a pillow, or it can be just solid wood or metal. Springs support longer than pads; People also find the extra foam around the springs comfortable. In addition, metal and wooden restaurant booths are less expensive.

Upholstery of Restaurant Booths

Booths with springs or padding are also upholstered. Vinyl is the preferred upholstery material because it is comfortable and easy to clean. Best quality vinyl is available for booth use. In addition, these products can be restored by vinyl restoration, saving the restaurant a lot of money.

Kick Base of Restaurant Booths

It is the bottom part of the booth- This provides extra seat support and helps maintain a good seating position by giving the protectors a place to dig into their heels.

Restaurants need to balance the booth features they want to provide to their customers with the cost of providing those features. For example, spring-loaded seats and vinyl upholstery usually cost more than the usual wooden booths, and the extra cost may not be appropriate for some restaurants.

The Shape of Restaurant booths

Booth seating comes in a variety of sizes. Many booths have straight benches, which use the wall to form a closed seating on three sides. These can be single booths, or double booths, with a single back with benches on either side.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the corners of a restaurant is to set up a round booth there. These have semicircular benches, which provide extra seating in the corners. Moreover, these booths allow all the patrons sitting in them to see each other- This can give larger dining parties a more intimate and robust experience.

Design of Restaurant Booths


Booths may have design features that give the booth an aesthetic quality. For example, vinyl upholstered seats can have a certain number of channels on the back of the seat. These panels are divided by seams and can have three, eight, or more channels in the back seat.

Vinyl can be one of many colors or feature many colors. Wooden booths may have carved details, or they may be painted in specific shades. These design features may not affect the customer’s comfort, but they are essential for decorating the dining establishment.


Most restaurant customers prefer to sit in booths rather than chairs around the table. They love booths because they offer better privacy, more comfort, more protection from traffic, and more space than chairs. For these reasons, many customers prefer to wait for the booth to be available in the restaurant, leaving the table open with chairs. Sometimes, customers go elsewhere for dinner if the booth is unavailable.

The buying process can be complicated and often fail when customers are unsure what to look for. By understanding their customers’ love for booths and the booth features that provide all aspects of booth seating, customers can successfully shop for the booths that restaurants need for their dining establishments.

Renovation of Restaurant Booths

We, Restaurant furniture plus, offer restaurant booths, chairs, barstools, tables, table bases, umbrellas, outdoor lounge, beer garden, heat lamps, chaise lounges, and other industrial furniture restorations. This service can be necessary for the ultimate financial game in the restaurant business. Contact us today for more information and place your order!


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