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Running Shoes That Match Your Stride


Running a couple of miles for a marathon or going for a jog around your neighborhood seems like a fun activity until it’s not. You get tired sooner than expected, your running shoes seem to weigh you down, and your ankles hurt with every movement you make. While several things can affect your enjoyment of the activity and your performance, most times, it all boils down to the shoes.

When running, all parts of your body are engaged but your legs take on most of the pressure. If you are running a long-distance race like a marathon or participating in a competition, the pressure and shock placed on the feet are pronounced due to the nature of the activity.

That’s why the shoes you wear are important. The right pair of shoes can change your performance more than you expected. It can boost your comfort levels, keep you stable, and prevent ankle pains by providing adequate support.

In a market populated with athletic shoes, choosing the best running shoes can be overwhelming due to the many options placed in front of you which is why I have researched several tips to make the process easier.

Why Running Shoes Are Important

Imagine a builder without a ladder or a farmer without a tractor- how are they going to get any work done? These examples might seem unrelated to the subject but the point I’m trying to pass across is that every person needs a particular set of tools if they wish to succeed in what they are doing. These tools make the work easier and can lead to better results.

A runner who aims to go the distance or intends to perform the activity for a long time, cannot compromise on a pair of running shoes. Running shoes are made to support the feet, provide stability, comfort, and protect the feet from getting hurt.

When you get yourself a pair of running shoes from the Australian Asics stores, you immediately see a difference in your performance. This way, you can run with no worries.

Buy According To Your Needs

What do you need the shoes for? This is a question you should answer before you begin shopping. There are different types of running shoes in the market and each pair of shoes is designed to suit a particular activity or function.

There are trail running shoes for running in rough environments or places where your shoes need to have a better grip to prevent slipping. There are spiked running shoes for track races, and lightweight running shoes for activities like jogging or workouts.

Your purpose for buying running shoes at an AU Asics store will also determine the level of comfort and cushioning you need for the shoes. By shopping according to your needs, you get shoes that are tailored to suit you perfectly and can make the most out of them.

Know Your Pronation

Now that you know to shop according to your needs, the next question is: how can I do that? There are certain factors to consider when shopping according to your needs and one of such factors, is your pronation.

Pronation is used to describe the side-to-side movement or inward rolling of the feet and there are three types of pronation. There is the neutral pronation where your feet roll inward about 15 percent. There is underpronation or supination where the feet roll outwards and overpronation where the feet roll inward more than 15 percent.

Since your feet are the star of the show when running, your type of pronation has a role to play in the shoes you wear. Normal or neutral pronators can wear neutral running shoes as they are not prone to foot problems caused by shock. Underpronators and overpronators are prone to shock-related issues and may need shoes with more support and stability.

Get The Best Fit At All Times

It is always a good idea to get your feet measured at the store before shopping when you are not sure of your foot size. Also, shop at a specialty store if you want to get the best advice and attention while shopping. When shopping online, make sure you buy from a reliable brand and that there is nothing negative in the reviews that can affect your enjoyment of the shoes.

Take your favorite pair of socks along to get a better feel of the shoes and move around in them a bit- you may uncover issues that can influence your decision to buy.

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