Selling your home is never a simple task. It can take longer than you expected, it can be a money drain, and it can drive you crazy if you don’t have the right support team. Throw a global pandemic into the mix, and all of a sudden we’re cranking the difficulty up to 100. Still, the show must go on, especially if you were already in the process of selling when the pandemic began. Let’s take a look at some surefire ways to stay safe and increase your sales chances in today’s market.

Go Virtual

Getting a potential buyer to imagine themselves living in your home is one of the key tactics of staging a home and conducting a showing. When you can’t bring a bunch of people into your home, it’s infinitely more difficult for them to imagine living there. That’s where virtual showings come in. A virtual tour generates interest much like a listing with vivid pictures and eye-catching videos. When a seller can click through your home and put themselves in each room, they’re more likely to want to come to take a closer look.

Take Extra Precautions

When someone falls in love with your home during a virtual tour, the next step is an in-person showing. Before the pandemic, this process was relatively simple. However, difficult times call for more restrictive measures. Showings should be limited to those with loan pre-approval letters to weed out anyone who isn’t ready to pull the trigger on home-ownership. The potential buyer should also be required to read the seller’s property disclosure statement beforehand.

Sanitation precautions should be taken as well, both before and after a showing. We recommend cleaning high-traffic areas like doorknobs, counter tops, and cabinets. Better yet, leave cabinets and closets open and lights on to limit how often a buyer needs to touch anything. Bringing a pair of gloves and sanitizer for all parties can be an even better step for preventing the spread of germs.

Do a Remote Closing

For quite some time, remote or virtual closings have been an option for sellers and buyers in many different states. The push for more remote closings during the crisis is strong, and lobbyists and lawmakers alike are making moves toward making this option more accessible throughout the country. The market prior to Covid-19 was strong, so selling can still be a good choice. You’ll just need to do things a little differently than before, and a remote closing is a great step forward.

This article was sponsored by Henderson Properties Realtors, a full-service real estate agency serving the greater Charlotte, NC region.


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