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Times are tough. However, this isn’t an excuse for you to live a terrible life or even live like a miser. You can still live a good life while cutting down costs. The first step is the toughest even with the easiest money-saving tip. The good part is that, once you acclimatize yourself and get your household on board, it gets easy, it becomes a lifestyle. These ideas include:

Starting a Kitchen Garden

plant your vegetablesImage Source: Pixabay

Here is the thing; you don’t need huge tracts of land to plant your vegetables or fruits to cut down costs. People without land still garden! So, if you have a small dirt patch, get to work and involve your kid (s). Remember Old MacDonald Had a Farm, well, make that into a theme song for preparation and planting. Kids love to play, and even if they don’t get all the Old MacDonald Had a Farm lyrics right, that will be the best play and bonding time. Besides that, this will teach your kid (s) to be frugal and responsible.

To get started, prepare the part, get good soil (talk to your neighbors nicely), and borrow or reuse seeds. You may find that you only need to spend your time – you already sprinkle the garden anyway!

Redecorate with old wine Bottles

redecorate with old wine bottlesImage Source: Pixabay

Home décor, decoration, and redecoration are expensive. Rather than spending all that money on the expensive stuff, take the cheap but the fun way out. With either paint or sisal ropes, pompoms, thread or fresh flowers picked from the garden; you will be able to transform your home in a few hours. The beauty of this is that you don’t need too many specifications and it will expand your child’s creative mind.
Since wine bottles have exquisite shapes, it is so much easier to play around with different ideas, and you can go all out. Even it a design backfires, you can still add a few flowers and make it look divine at the corner.

Make a Frame Tent

tentImage Source: Pixabay

You know how kids spring on you the idea to go camping at crazy hours? You know how kids somehow love their unique personal spaces (it starts early) without them recognizing it? Well, that is what you need to do. Instead of making a long trip or shooting down their somewhat insane ideas, do this, make him or her an indoor tent. You need a few pieces of wood, a blanket or a curtain, a drill, and voila, a fancy little tent for you baby. They will spend their time with their toys or books in there, and the endless squabbles and fussiness will cease.

Convert a Skateboard into a Swing

skateboard for childImage Source: Pixabay

This is an inexpensive solution to your child’s raging energy levels. To get started, get that old skating board from the garage, and with a drill, drill two holes on either side of the board then pass a strong rope through the holes. What you’ll have is a modified version of your old tire swing. As long as you secure the rope in place well, you will wish you were a kid once more. To hold the rope in place, use strong pieces of wood.

A few other things you may want to do: learn how to make homemade soap, canvas, or picture frames.

There you have it; your little life hacks to save you money and entertain your babies as well.




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