Renowned as the birthplace of grunge music, Starbucks coffee and the Frasier sitcom, Seattle is an ever-changing city with a unique geological setting. Situated on a relatively small finger of land surrounded by the beautiful Lake Washington, you can tackle the inner-city easily by foot, but the surrounding suburbs remind you of how much this city really has to offer.

What’s more, the city and the entire state of Washington in general continues to adapt and change: for example, as reported in an article on, there is a major project in the works that will upgrade urban mobility, starting form the highway network.

Here is a quick guide, perfect if you’re looking to stay for a long weekend.

Top 4 Things to See in Seattle

  1. One of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks is the Space Needle. Constructed in 1962, it offers some fantastic panoramic views over downtown. Visit the top or gaze from below.
  2. Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s oldest institutions. Supporting local artisans, businesses and farmers, it’s an ideal place to view what Seattle’s craftsman have on offer, and the perfect place for a quick bite to eat.
  3. Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture was founded in 2000 and is located just moments from the Space Needle in Seattle’s center. It houses some of the world’s most impressive pop culture artifacts.
  4. Pioneer Square. As Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, Pioneer Square is the go-to area for galleries, cafes and stunning architecture, home to many museums offering a look back at Seattle’s long history.

Top 3 Things to Do in Seattle

  1. Once you’ve become familiar with Seattle’s main tourist attractions and sites, its time to explore and do as locals do. Seattle is renowned for its surrounding nature, so get out and take a hike on the Burke Gilma Trail, Green Lake or take a ferry to Bainbridge Island. A day trip by ferry can also take you to Mukilteo and Langley.
  2. Seattle is a foodie melting pot, with it’s signature dish — teriyaki — being one of the city’s unspoken gems. Introduced in the 1970s by a Japanese-American chef, Toshiro Kasahara, it has since spread to become the city’s most beloved fast food. It is a must-try cheap eat that can be found just about anywhere around town.
  3. Coffee. We all know Starbucks, but there’s far more to Seattle than their most successful chain. From Tougo to Elm Coffee Roasters and the Seattle Coffee Works, you can even take a three-hour coffee course at Seattle Barista Academy to learn more about the black stuff.

With a bustling inner-city vibe, vibrant culture and arts scene and world-class cuisine, Seattle has something for everyone. Music fans will flock here for its role in music history, while its perfect setting allows day-trips to beautiful forests and mountain parks.

Do you have any recommendations of things to see and do in Seattle? Let us know your suggestions.


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