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Should you invest in high quality furniture for your infant?

Having children is a big step to take in any relationship. Once you find out that you are expecting a little one sometime soon, there are many decisions that need to be made. Many first-time parents immediately start dreaming and preparing a nursery for their baby. After all, every child deserves the best room with the best furniture, right? Should you invest in high quality furniture for your infant? That depends. You want to think about how many children you will be having, if you will be moving any time soon, and the wear and tear the furniture is likely to suffer through.

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How Many Children?

The type of nursery furniture that you end up investing in is likely to be affected by how many children you will be having. If you plan on having multiple children, you want something that is going to last through all of them. You need to choose something that will be suitable from one child to the next. You also want to consider things like changing tables. They are great, but you don’t necessarily need that changing space once your children are toilet trained. Consider how many children you will be having before investing in any furniture.

The more children you have, the more worn your furniture is likely to look. You will also need to decide if you want multiple children to share the same piece of furniture, or if you would rather have each child have his or her own furniture.

Will You Be Moving?

If you are not already settled down in a home and you think you will be moving once, twice, or more over the coming years, then you want to consider the type of damage that can occur to furniture during a move. If something were to happen to a quality piece of infant furniture, it could be devastating. Investing in something cheaper may not matter as much. Of course, there are plenty of precautions you can take to safely move any piece of furniture, but investing in something a little less expensive might at least reduce your stress levels.

Consider Wear and Tear

All of your furniture goes through some wear and tear over time. However, when you have children, wear and tear is exponentially accelerated. No matter how careful you are, your children may find ways to cause damage to furniture without meaning to. It could be crayons and markers. It could be a harmless game of hammering a toy against the edge of the wood finish. If you’re going to invest in quality furniture, you want something durable, or you want to invest in plenty of refinishing and refurbishing materials.

You Might Want to Wait

Overall, whether or not you invest in infant furniture is up to you. There are quality pieces that can last for years through many children. However, when you consider everything, it might be best to wait for an investment piece if all you can find is cheap furniture. The cost quickly adds up, and the furniture is likely to undergo a lot of abuse over the years. There are plenty of inexpensive options that you should be able to turn to in the meantime. Consider all of your options carefully and decide for yourself what is best for your situation.

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