We have finally crossed winter’s threshold into spring. I’m welcoming April with open arms. I’m ready to see the flowers bloom, and the bees buzzing around. I want to be outdoors longer with the kids in the evenings and go fishing more. I want to catch lady bugs with Jasmine; then let them go free. Spring means fireflies and heat lighting. Spring also means new clothes and pastels. I recently was introduced to Gymboree for the very first time and I’m slightly addicted. My oldest is 5 going on 25 and the baby is 20-months old. The kids seem to be growing at an accelerated speed, plus, spring has arrived and Gymboree is what they are wearing #GrowWithMeNG.


I wanted a super girly, frilly spring dress for Jasmine to wear to church and to just feel special in. I browsed online at Gymboree.com and found some really adorable dresses in their new spring 2013 spring line. I decided to buy Jasmine the Rosette Colorblock Duppioni Dress, from the Spring Celebration line. Jasmine loves her new dress. Jasmine has already worn her pretty dress to church for Easter Sunday, to a wedding this past weekend, and to school once for spring pictures.

I can’t believe my little girl is growing so fast. Jasmine is so tall and growing so fast. She takes after me in the height department. Jasmine is nearly 4′ tall, well almost. The next time we visit Disney World Jasmine will be able to ride a lot of her favorite rides by herself.



The baby doesn’t really care what I dress him in, at least not yet. I wanted him to kind of match his sister, that’s why I got him a cute button up shirt with a little pink in it. Sean looks handsome in his new Tattersall Shirt also from the Spring Celebration line. I also picked Sean out some matching pants. I wanted to go all out and get him the matching sweater vest, shoes, socks, and bow tie, but I didn’t. I figured the bow tie would be off in 2 seconds flat.


When Jasmine was younger, I would track her growth in her closet and put a little mark with the date on it. We did this at least twice a year. Once Jasmine turned 2 we moved away from the house where we bought her home. Ever since that move, I’ve been keeping her height written in her baby book, the same for the baby. We’ve moved a lot since Jasmine was born, so I don’t have a specific place in the house where I track the two kids’ height. I wish I could, though. I love the idea of having a door jam or a place in the hallway where I can proudly look at their growth and smile. Guess it’s just one of the prices we pay for having to move so much.

I’m so happy that spring has finally arrived. Now it’s time to play outside longer with the kids, eat dinner at 8 pm and fish as much as possible. I know when next spring rolls around the kids will be even taller, and as their mother I’ll be proud of them but sad at the same time. It’s never easy watching my babies grow up. I wish they could stay small forever.

I’m a proud Gymboree Grow With Me Blogger. You can shop for adorable outfits like the ones I featured here by visiting Gymboree.com or visit a store near you. Make sure you take a moment and connect with Gymboree on Facebook and Twitter @Gymboree.

How Do You Track The Growth of Your Children?

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Hey there, I’m Tiffany! I’m a work-at-home mom of two rambunctious children (Jasmine, 9 + Sean II, 5) and recently widowed at just 35 years old. I've remarried and currently live right outside of Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, Louisiana with two adoring cats and a dog. Let's connect on Twitter @fabulousmomblog.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I used to take photos of the kids in front of the front door holding a sign with the number of the grade they were entering. I did it on the first day of school each year & still smile at those pictures.

  2. I love it! Your kids are always so cute but I purchased the same shirt for my five year old that he has worn three times already 🙂 Love Gymboree!

  3. LOVE the photo with the umbrella! I love Gymboree’s clothes. They are higher quality than other brands and with Gymbucks and other promotions, I can always find a good deal. Plus, their bubbles rock!

  4. I LOVE that dress. It’s so feminine and girly without being over the top. What size did you get her? I find Gymboree runs a little big on my kids. And Sean’s shirt is adorable and perfectly compliments her dress.

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