This Step by step guide to starting a mom blog will help you in creating your blog. People often think that creating a blog is a difficult task. There are many firms which are helping people in creating different blogs like click consult are the best in this regard. But it’s not a science having complicated procedures. In fact, it consists of some easy and quick ways. You can also start a mom blog.

Want to earn some extra money while staying at home, dear moms??? There are different ways to earn money for mom’s who stay at home.

Steps to Start a Mom Blog

Blogging is one of the creative ways of earning money. It seems a bit difficult, but in actual, it is not. You may have noticed a lot of material relevant to blogs for women on social media. In your social circle, many mothers will be doing the same work, and you are also thinking about how to become a mommy blogger?

Being housewife and especially being a mother of little ones is a 24 hours duty. Because of this responsibility, they have to stick at home. While their spouse needs financial assistance, or they themselves want to do something that can make them feel active and worthwhile.

How is it possible??? You can start a mom blog by spending two to three hours daily and believe me; it is super easy. To start a blog for beginners needs a little bit of assistance. After creating that you can stay at home, earn money online, take better care of your little ones. Do you want to do it? Surely, you do.

All you need to put some extra time and effort if you want to earn from blogging. To create and start a mom blog, you do not need any technical knowledge. It requires some easy and quick steps. Here we are providing you step by step guidance to create your own blog. By following these steps, you can have your own blog within ten minutes.

So let’s start:

1.  Finding What Your Niche is??

Do you need to find out what your interests are? And what can you write? If you really want to start a mom blog. These are simple questions, but in actual, these are the fundamentals of creating favorite blogs. All personal blogs should be planned first.

Finding a niche is a challenging step, and you need to be vigilant. There are many lifestyle blogs, for example, beauty, food, travel, home, decorations, parenting, DIY, and many more. For your initial blog, searching a niche is most important. A niche that suits your nature, and you have a firm grip over it will create the following for your blog. Thus it will enhance the growth of your blog and ultimately your earning. Keep this in mind while you are working on starting a mom blog that selection of niche is the primarily work.

You have to ask several questions to yourself if you want to know about your niche. Some of the important questions are as follows:

  • What are my hobbies and lifestyle? Figure out your interests, and what can you write for a long duration?
  • Once you have selected a niche, you should find its scope. Is there any need and space for your niche?? If you really want to make your blog famous and earn a lot, then you must focus on niche selection.
  • To earn money while staying at home is your primary interest. So your niche must bring monetary benefits to you. Can you monetize it? Remind yourself that you will start a mom blog for not only enjoyment but financial assistance also.

Answer the above questions, and these will help you deciding the suitable niche for your blog.

2.  Selection of Suitable Platform:

Different platforms are providing hosting services for blogs. Some charge fees for providing their services but some are free blogs site providers. The most popular and well known is Working with WordPress is always recommended while you are going to start a mom blog. Choosing WordPress will have the following benefits:

  • You can have as many themes and plugins for your blogs. These may be free or either charged but have a wide variety. You can personalize your blog in the way you want. When you have thought of the main idea or niche for your blog, then theme selection becomes easy. Consequently, to start a mom blog will become easy.
  • Many blogs are using WordPress.Org, and it is widely accessible web hosting. Your blog will generate more earnings for you if you have more following.
  • You will find as much support to your blog and themes as you want. Because you can find helping material that can assist you with your blogs. For example, you can have YouTube videos, WordPress forums, and blog posts that can help you to make a popular blog.

3.  Domain Name:

The very interesting and full of enjoyment task, while you are going to start a mom blog, is to choose a domain name. So moms, are you ready now to choose the name for your blog? Surely, you are.

Here are some features that will decide which domain name will suit your blog:

  • The name of the domain should represent the theme of your blog.
  • It should be comfortable so that the reader can get a quick understanding of the main idea of the blog.
  • To make your domain name more vibrant, it is advisable to use your niche in the domain name.
  • The domain name should be simple, secure, and contains minimum alphabets to remember.
  • Noteworthy your domain name must contain .com to be available for millions of users

Your domain name will be represented in the following form:

By following the above rules, you can easily create a blog and can quickly understand how to become a mommy blogger?

4.  Start a Blog With SiteGround:

Start a mom blog with SiteGround is very easy. It is also very much valuable. It consists of some easy steps. Let’s go through them:

  • Step 1: SiteGround will offer you some plans. You have to choose the one which suits you best. Basically, they offer three plans. You need to select the one that fulfills your requirements.
  • Step 2: Best blogs always contain the best name. So you must choose the user-friendly domain name for your blog.
  • Step 3: Put all your account details into the page of Account Info. SiteGround will also offer some additional services at the end of the page. You can pick the best ones for you.

The same steps will involve when you install WordPress, including user description, password selection, and choosing themes.

Finally!!! You have created your own mom blog. Start blogging and enjoy earning!!!

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