According to The Telegraph, research has found that only 36 per cent of us report a healthy ‘work family balance’. It’s clear that UK workers are struggling to find a happy equilibrium between work and family life, with working parents feeling the strain most acutely.

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If you’re looking for a career change that has the perfect work life balance and will fit around your family, there are plenty of jobs that will allow this. With remote working now more acceptable and advancements in technology improving all the time, more organisations are understanding the importance of a good work/life balance. Returning to work can be scary enough but a whole new career change can really be daunting, especially now you have the little ones to consider as well.

Whether it’s applying for call centre jobs in Manchester, a career working with children or offering your own services from home, below are some ways in which you can start a new career around your family and make the transition as quick and easy as possible:

Freshen up your CV

It’s likely your CV is out of date, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a couple of years. CVs are getting more creative and in a competitive job market, you want yours to stand out. Make sure you allocate some time to making it the best it can be. Be sure to include your new found skills as a parent – problem solving, time management, and, of course, your ability to multi-task!  

Look for Flexible Working

If you’re looking for something to fit around childcare, look for organisations that offer flexible working. Likewise, ask your current employer if it’s something they offer. Keep an eye out for companies that offer a range of different types of flexible working, from flexi-time and job shares to remote working. Research even shows flexible workers are more productive and happy so it benefits everyone. Find out more via the Gov.UK website.

Train where Possible

If you’re dreaming of a new career path, you might need to be prepared to undertake a part time course at college or university in order to get to where you want to be. Many colleges offer evening classes and today you can do a lot of studying online through universities.

Work with Children

If you enjoy working with children, and have the experience, working in a school or college is a good way of balancing work and family, mainly because of the hours. You might even like to look at child-minding; you can complete a course at your local college or through social services to start your own child minding business.

Consider Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to apply your skills, grow your own network and earn money, plus, depending on what your specialist area is, you can probably work from home and pick your own hours – bonus! If you have a special skill such as writing or craft, you can easily offer your own services and work from home.

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