Starting a business from home can stem from a desire to make some extra money, or to put your mind and talents to a greater use. Ideally you are a combination of both! See below for some suggestions that will inspire you to start planning for a career that can be navigated from the couch.

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The internet means that almost any in demand skill that you can offer to the world can be turned into a business. Whether you edit manuscripts, are a virtual PA, Photoshop images or manage a hedge fund there is someone out there who will be willing to let you work on their behalf. There are a number of sites like Upwork, Freelancer and Airtasker that can get you started. Once you build a black book of clients you could choose to migrate away from these platforms and become an independent service provider in your chosen field. Don’t forget, there are also industries based on the coordination of other people, meaning you can work from home organizing people to do things on someone else’s behalf. Being flexible, responsive and prepared to occasionally meet in person will assist you to succeed in this line of work. Who knows, after awhile you might need to find yourself a retail space to lease to accommodate your booming sole trader venture!

Tutoring and teaching

The rise of distance education also equates to a demand for educators that can mentor in a digital capacity. Not only will you be responsive to a variety of queries relating to course content, but a good distance educator finds ways to motivate and encourage collaboration amongst students despite the tyranny of distance.

Delivering online learning also involves a degree of technology know how, so if you work for yourself, be prepared to take a crash course in IT troubleshooting in order to address issues your students may have if you don’t have a dedicated support team to manage this for you.

When getting started some people teach in a fee free scenario and allow open access to their lessons and generate income via online advertising and traffic through their website. However, if you have a particularly unique or high end skill to share with the world, you may find it more lucrative to operate a subscription or user pays site with exclusive content behind paywall.

Transcribing and translating

Listening to audio and typing it up for a client is another job that will provide steady and decent income, especially if you become a specialist. Law and medical industries are lucrative once you’re experienced or in some case accredited to provide transcription services, However, there is potential for a decent hourly rate to be earnt in general transcribing provided you can type at a decent speed. If you can speak a second language fluently you may also consider becoming a translator. There are a variety of positions that range from casual, freelance jobs to ongoing in house jobs that require specific qualifications in this field.

The good news is these days, there are many exciting opportunities for stay-at-home mums who are looking for a sustainable income while also spending time with their families. For example, these days, there are many business opportunities often referred to as home-based business opportunities. These allow stay-at-home mums to earn an income from the comfort of their own homes.

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