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Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

As the festivities of the holidays approaches, so do the challenges of staying fit. Taking an extra slice of pie or a curling up by the fire instead of going for a run can be extremely tempting during this time. By the new year, however, you might find yourself fallen off of your health and fitness routine and a few extra pounds around the middle. The good news is that there are plenty of simple and easy ways to stay in shape during these fun, family-filled winter months. Take a look at our list of healthy ideas that you can incorporate into your holiday fun without too much hassle.

1.  Portion Control is Key

During this time of the year, you’re inevitably going to end up at more holiday parties and events with tons more unhealthy food options than you would normally surround yourself with. Going for the punchbowl every now and then won’t hurt, but indulging in sweets and fatty foods on a nearly daily basis will take its toll on your health. Visiting a partner’s holiday work party? Then bring your own healthy dish that you can fill up on before you dive for the pumpkin pie. Watch how many drinks you have in a night as well, or you may find that you’ve consumed hundreds of empty calories without even realizing it!

2.  Try Vitamins and Supplements

No one is expecting you to maintain the perfect diet during this time of the year. That being said, there are ways to take care of your health even if you know you’re going to be consuming a few more calories than you normally would. Try getting your hands on a multivitamin, which will ensure that you get all the vitamins you need when your diet isn’t doing it for you. In the same way that you’re taking care of your body, take care of your mind as well with brain-boosting supplements called nootropics. They can improve cognitive functions and keep you alert and energized all throughout the day, whether you’re hanging out with family, cooking your holiday meal, or finishing up some last-minute shopping.

3.  Stay Active With Proper Fitness Schedule

Exercise should be part of your daily schedule, even if your normal routine needs to be tweaked a bit. Go for a brisk walk in the morning with a spouse or your dog, or choose a team sport that you can do inside. How about some sledding or ice skating with the younger members of your family?

4.  Don’t Stretch Your Financial Constraints

As the holidays come closer, so does the financial stress along with it. If you’re a social person, there is hardly any escape from giving out lots of gifts to your loved ones. Falling under stress might feel inevitable but if you plan out well and stick to your budget, things can be managed. Don’t let the cloud of financial-stress burst on you. Know your spending limits and kick the stress away!

5.  Take Precautions To Avoid Illness and Injuries

Do you know that viruses and bacteria become more activated in winter seasons? Taking precautions beforehand is a better option than running around tirelessly or seeking treatments later. Even a tinge of cold and seasonal influenza ruins the holidays. Wear full-winter clothes and always wash your hands properly to avoid infections that usually catch most people by surprise.

The Final Takeaway

Staying healthy during the holidays is definitely possible if you make sure to garnish your relaxing time with a strong fitness schedule and a well-balanced diet. Keeping your mind sharp and staying clear of mental stress is a must as well.. Keep these helpful tips in mind during holidays will help you stay ahead of the fitness game come the new year!

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