Finding enough storage throughout your home can be a chore; children’s rooms are especially a challenge. Because children tend to accumulate toys and old clothes at an alarming pace, keeping up with their things is impractical without a plan. Thankfully, there are several good ways to do this listed below.


Hanging hooks on the walls of your child’s room is an excellent way to make the most of a smaller space. Everything on a hook, after all, is something not using up valuable floor real estate. Most stores sell a variety of hooks, so you can find one that matches your decorating theme with ease. Kids can hang backpacks or coats on the hooks, but you can also let them hang certain toys or other possessions as well. When installing the hooks, be sure to think about how tall your kid is now, as well as how tall they will be in the future.

Attached Shelves

Shelves are a standard solution for keeping possessions organized, but, with the rough way kids can play, you have to worry about a shelf tipping over and landing on them. Shelves attached to the wall are a stronger and safer alternative. An attached shelf is one connected to the walls with screws or other hardware, anchoring it and holding it up with the strength of your house’s walls. You can add multiple levels of attached shelves on the walls to make better use of vertical space, but again, you need to be aware of the height of your children so that they stay in reach of the room’s primary occupants.


We tend to associate desks with work, but desks are a fun part of the room as well. Look for lower-cost models in most cases, so your kid can decorate it to their taste and express their creativity. When looking at desks, look at the storage space provided by the drawers of the furniture, keeping in mind that your child can use the space to store their creativity supplies like markers, crayons, paper, paints and pens. Putting these items in a desk drawer makes the desk a source of not only productivity but fun for your child.


Plastic bins are an old parental standby that let you organize your child’s toys by type — one for cars, one for plastic bricks and so Storage Ideas on. You can stack bins in a closet, especially if they contain toys your child has mostly stopped playing with or seasonal items. Again, decorating the bins is a good way to let your child express their creativity; in this case, the decorations can also serve as a way to visually differentiate the bins from one another, so they can find the right storage in a hurry.

As your children continue to grow, their rooms will change with them. From preschoolers to grade schoolers to high schoolers, their needs will continue to evolve. A good storage solution, however, will let them continue to store their personal items, regardless of what those items are. Building good storage now is the best way to build an organized future for your children.

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