Studio Apartments

When we’re first starting out from the family home, whether it’s in the middle of a city or on the outskirts of a small town, we have to sacrifice some perks that we’re used to living with. First homes rarely come with sufficient amounts of room, and most will go without a dishwasher or a wall between the bedroom, living room and dining room. Instead, you have to utilize and work with the smaller space you’ve been given.

Let in the Light

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Studio apartments can be dark and depressing; therefore, it’s best to avoid heavy curtains, dark colors and furniture that blocks the windows. You want as much light as possible – both natural and artificial. Add a large light fixture to hang from your ceiling; modern chandeliers offer style, sophistication and a flood of light. Such lighting can make your studio feel larger and more welcoming; for both your guests and yourself.

Placement of Furniture

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You may find yourself with a spacious studio apartment; yet, you don’t know how to exploit the space. If so, you can use furniture as substitute walls. Ways to do so, are by using your couch, clothes railing or bookcases as a barrier. Alternatively, if you suffer from a small apartment, you should incorporate minimalism into your room’s style. Less is more, and so, refrain from overspending on furniture. Only buy what is needed.

Controlled Clutter

Personalization is important to a person in their home, and living in a studio doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personal belongings. Instead, you have to control your clutter and keep tabs on your purchases. This may mean replacing your belongings along the way. Tastes and fashions change, and so it is understandable that you will want to continue updating the ornaments you have on display. Make sure to purge often.

Use Mirrors

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Mirrors add depth and are great for expanding your space. You can hang a large mirror or group small ones together; you could also position them opposite a window, creating the illusion of a second window and reflecting double the light.

Open Closets

Cupboards run the risk of becoming overstuffed and can take up a large section of your bedroom area. However, you can counter this problem by purchasing an open closet, usually made from a simple railing which has a shelf underneath for shoes or accessories. Not only will an open closet limit easily show you the clothing you already own, but it can be placed against the wall or used as a partition between bedroom and living room.

Create Hidden Storage

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Not all your possessions have to be on display, and neither is it humanly possible. If your space is closet challenged, then it is wise to plan and create additional space. Make sure to purchase a bed with high legs or with under-bed storage already incorporated. You can do the same to your sofa.

Multipurpose Furniture

Dining tables can double up as an office desk, and a sofa could turn into a bed. Keep an eye out for nesting tables which can be stored together but be pulled out for when guests are over; also consider side tables which could be transformed into stools.




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