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Summer activities to keep your children entertained

160722280421279022_wgvPnITT_cIsn’t this printable adorable!? I found it on Pinterest via  the TomKat Studio. You can get your free download here.

Jasmine keeps asking me when does school end. I tell her in just a few months you’ll be out of school for the entire summer. She obviously can’t wait for her break. My daughter’s last day of pre-k is May 11th and it will be here before we know it. While I was taking her to school today I couldn’t help but notice all the azaleas blooming. I had to double-check the date, only March 5th. Phew! I thought I missed something. When did it become spring, well at least spring like weather? With only about two months left of Jasmine’s first year of school I started pondering. What will I do to keep her occupied? How will I keep her freshly learned skills sharp? Through all the blogs I read on a daily basis I’ve found a load of summer activities and most are inexpensive and even free.

Luckily I belong to some really great online groups and there are always people willing to share their tips and tricks for keeping their children entertained during summer breaks. I’ve also found a bunch of great looking activities for kids on Pinterest. Here is a fabulous list of 100 FREE THINGS to do with your kids this summer. A few of my favorite ideas are the Alphabet Tour, Outside Reading Time and Playing I Spy around the neighborhood. I like activities that entertain my child but also teach them at the same time without them really knowing it.

I’ve been busy planing and gathering supplies for Jasmine’s first summer break. I’ve been saving egg cartons, milk jugs, paper towel rolls and whatever else I think might come in handy.

I was on Pinterest the other night and this image caught my eye. We would definitely be the envy of the town if I were to set up a kid friendly tricycle car wash like this one. Something like this would entertain children for hours.  The adults could have a little fun too! Outdoor water activities are a sure-fire way to enjoy the dog days of summer. I am always so surprised by all the fabulous ideas moms come up with, I wish I were this creative.

It never hurts to squeeze in a little science fun too. Depending on the age of your child a cool science experiment could be fun. A blogger friend of mine recently posted about an experiment she did with her family. Grow Sulfur Loving Bacteria with your children and keep the love of science fresh in their minds. This really easy experiment needs a few months to ‘incubate’ and would be great to start at the beginning of summer.

Keep summer fun and interesting, along with fun sprinkle in a little learing too. Enjoy the summer with your kids by having activates planned ahead of time. Introduce a little fun learning and mix with exciting summer games. When all else fails pull out the garden hose and let the kids have at it! I’m planning our summer fun calendar now, better to be ready.

What’s on your summer fun calendar?

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