With those Winter months long gone and the extreme Spring weather a distant memory (thank goodness) we can all finally look forward to enjoying those long awaited Summer months! Most of us will be spending time in our gardens, soaking up the sun and enjoying a well earned break. But if you’re planning on entertaining this summer, enjoying BBQ’s surrounded by family and friends or making the most of the long summer nights and having a garden party or two, then you’ll need your garden or outdoor space to be in perfect order.

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Not Sure where to Start?

Don’t worry, here you’ll find a few tips and ideas of how you can make the most of your outdoor space this summer and throw summer parties that everyone will still be talking about come Autumn.

Keeping Your Garden Maintained

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Yes, it sounds obvious, but the last thing you want is guests having to manoeuvre around an overgrown hydrangea or trip over the lumpy grass you haven’t own for months. If your garden could do with a bit of a lift in the plant and tree department then check out this website. Make sure your lawn has been mowed and is cut to a good length. You might be tempted to cut it really short with the intention of you having longer to go between heaving the lawnmower about, but chances are, you might damage your lawn.

Clear away any weeds that are troubling your flowers or making your patio or decking area look unkept and messy. You don’t need to be an award-winning gardener, just make sure it looks neat and tidy.


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Everyone will need somewhere to sit, right? And you cant expect your guests to be on their feet the entire evening. So now is the time to dig out that old patio set. If it’s seen better days, give it a good clean and consider upcycling it. Painting it a bright colour will make it a great focal point in your garden.

You might not have enough garden chairs but that doesn’t mean you cant bring your dining chairs outside or your bar stools. Just use your imagination. Got an old bean bag or office chair hanging around? These would be ideal. There’s nothing wrong with laying out a few blankets too for some extra comfort. Just remember to bring it all inside before it rains again!

Let there be Light

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Lighting is important when it comes to entertaining. Yes, the nights might be lighter during the summer months, but you’ll need some lighting to create a nice atmosphere. Consider investing in some solar powered lights and scatter them around your garden. Try placing some lighting stakes in between your flower beds or along your garden paths. A string of fairy lights around the seating area will look beautiful and you can also light candles on all flat surfaces to ensure there’s a little more lighting in the darker areas of your garden.


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