A huge thank you to SummerHawkRanch.com for sending me the Victorian Teak XL at no charge to facilitate this post. No monetary compensation was given. 

chicken coop and run

One of the biggest reasons we have chicken in our backyard is because the chickens bring our family together. Our mornings are so rushed, but that bit of time we can all spend outdoors feeding and playing with the chickens has really brought our little family together.

The fine folks at Summer Hawk Ranch say it best, Spend Time Together, Connect With Nature and Grow Real Food.

This coop-and-run is all that and a bag of chips. The coop is so easy to assemble, requiring only one person and a screwdriver. But let’s face it, that one person isn’t me. I patiently waited for my husband to get home from work to put it together for me. My husband had the coop up in about 30 minutes.


The Victorian Teak XL Chicken Coop and Run

My new Victorian Teak XL chicken coop and run features weather-resistant, easy-to-clean plastic roofing and a covered pen for extra shade and protection from the elements. The coop-and-run are hand-built from sustainably harvested, naturally weather and pest resistant fir and the coop is sized to sleep 9 hens, assuming you have a safe place for your chickens to free-range during the day. If you are not able to give your chickens access to your yard during the day it’s recommend keeping only 3 hens in this coop.

Victorian Teak XL chicken coop

Spacious interior features three nest stalls, two roosting bars and adjustable ventilation. I really like the waist-height nest box because my children can easily reach in to retrieve the eggs without needing to climb a ladder. It’s just their size, or at least that’s the phrase my daughter uses.

Victorian Teak XL chicken coop from SummerHawk Ranch

The metal tray slides right out for easy cleaning. I’ve had other coops before and cleaning was always such a pain, but not with this helpful tray, it makes clean up a breeze. Which means more time spent loving my chickens. The best-in-class mesh-enclosed run area features chicken ramp for access to roost and heavy, galvanized wire is secured using SummerHawk Ranch’s unique, extra strength, wire-clamping wood design.

large chicken coop

There are four doors for convenient access to all areas of the coop and all doors feature spring-bolt latches to keep hens safe from predators. And even though our yard is totally fenced in, cats and racoons still like to climb over and sniff around. We only let our flock free-range during day and while we are home, otherwise they are locked up, for their protection. This coop is totally expandable with SummerHawk Ranch Universal Expansion Pen (sold separately).

space-efficient coop-and-run

About SummerHawk Ranch

Want to know a little more about SummerHawk Ranch? SummerHawk Ranch is located in one of the agricultural capitals of the world and is named after the home of their CEO, Larry Duncan, in the hills of Central California. He, his wife Sharon, and their children, Hawk and Summer, have lived on SummerHawk Ranch for the last 22 years, where they raise chickens, tend a large garden and a couple of beehives and care for animals of all types, from reptiles to zebras.

SummerHawk Ranch is the newest division of Duncan Enterprises, a family-owned business that has been a leader in the DIY market for creative arts for 70 years. When Larry discovered the emerging DIY farm & garden movement, he saw the perfect opportunity to leverage the strengths of their business and his passion into an organization that helps others experience the same joy that this lifestyle has brought to him.

SummerHawk Ranch chicken coops

summer hawk chicken coop nest box

fresh chicken eggs in nest box

Now is the time to get your coop set up

Remember, fall is the season to get your coop up and running. Start raising your backyard flock now. This way when spring rolls around you’ll have fresh backyard eggs for you, your family and friends to enjoy. The key to great egg production is to keep your laying hens happy, healthy and protected from predators and severely cold and or hot temperatures. Start your backyard flock off with a chicken coop and run from summerhawkranch.com. I know you’ll love the Victorian Teak XL chicken coop and run just as much as I do.

Right now at SummerHawk Ranch they are currently offering free shipping on all orders $199+, which means free shipping on all coops right to your doorstep. This is a lot easier than trying to get a coop home from the store if you don’t have a truck.

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 Now tell me. Are you as chicken obsessed as I am?

Hey there, I’m Tiffany! I’m a work-at-home mom of two rambunctious children (Jasmine, 9 + Sean II, 5) and recently widowed at just 35 years old. I've remarried and currently live right outside of Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, Louisiana with two adoring cats and a dog. Let's connect on Twitter @fabulousmomblog.


  1. Your chicken coop is really cute. We want to eventually get one when we have a bigger space for our backyard. Right now our current HOA would not allow them.

  2. What a gorgeous coop! I’m hoping to one day own enough property to have chickens. We’d love to have our own eggs and I know my daughter would adore the chickens. Thanks for sharing your review on this coop, I love it!

  3. That is the cutest chicken coop I have ever seen. My daughter has expressed an interest in having chickens when we stop our travels and settle down. This is definitely something I would consider — I like the waist height, too and I especially like the easy to clean tray!

  4. How much fun and learning and amazing family time all at once! I would love to spend time with my kids experiencing the chicken coop at SUmmerhawk!

  5. The chicken coop is awesome. I love it and look forward to get one just like this one.

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