How many times have you heard people say ‘it’s the thought that counts?’’ I totally agree, it is nice to receive gifts from anyone, at anytime – but what about those presents that aren’t quite ‘you’?  Well, there is no longer any need for a struggle in deciding what to do with your unwanted Christmas presents.

As this infographic shows, whether you have a knack for upcycling or know someone who that present is perfect for, it is likely that these unwanted gifts (that would otherwise do nothing, but clutter up your house or fill up your trash can) could end up saving you a little bit of money.

With this extra boost to your bank account, and by using all of these expert hints and tips available from sites such as the Money Advice Service, your finances won’t know what has hit them in 2016!

Supermarket hacks


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  1. This is great advice! I never shop on an empty stomach and I always stick to my list. I limit my shopping to twice a month, except for occasional trips for 1-2 items, like bananas! I also discovered that almond milk has a much longer expiration date than regular milk, so we usually have 1 carton of regular milk and lots of unsweetened almond milk.

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