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Things are much different from they were when I was in school. As a child, I found a lot of information in encyclopedias, the old fashion kind – the kind of encyclopedias with binding and pages, which usually involved many hours at the library. Now school aged children are researching from computers, not books. Bing in the Classroom is an ongoing program focused on helping kids use technology to inspire and satisfy their curiosity. It provides ad-free searching, more private searches in schools, as well as daily lesson plans that inspire critical thinking, and a rewards program that community members can use to earn tablets for their schools. Support ad-free search with Bing In The Classroom. [Tweet “Over 4 million students are searching ad-free, thanks to @Bing #adfreeserach”] Bing in the Classroom provides ad-free, safe search from schools. I feel like this will only encourage children to keep searching and finding things they never could have found in books alone. Show support for #adfreesearch by sharing this post with your friends and family; join the movement! I’m showing my support.

I think it’s a great idea to not distract our children with annoying ads when they are searching online. Other search engines show our children ads. Kudos to Bing for making a change! Here’s hoping that all search engines eventually follow suit. Support ad-free search and Sign up for Bing Rewards!

Earn a Surface tablet for your school with Bing Rewards! Bing in the Classroom even provides digital literacy lesson plans for teachers. Parents and teachers across the country are saying yes to #adfreesearch in their schools, are you? Over 4 million students are searching ad-free thanks to Bing #adfreesearch. Let’s get that number even higher so eventually all school students are searching online and not being distracted by ads. All children should be able to search online and not see ads pop up.

Will you support ad-free search with Bing In The Classroom?


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  1. Aisha Kristine Chong Reply

    Totally awesome for kids. Who like ads anyway lol

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