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swimwear Choosing swimwear can be one of the toughest annual wardrobe decisions, given that by its very nature, it is form fitting and leaves a lot more skin on show than anything else you wear in public. This can mean you tend to think more about the areas of your body you’d rather not draw attention to than when picking out jeans or dresses. What can actually be quite surprising is just how much the shape and cut of a swimsuit can make a difference in concealing your problem areas and creating visual effects that give you a better shape. Here, we take a look at some common things women cite as ‘body problems‘, and how you can flatter your body in swimwear if you have them.

Belly Fat

A lot of women don’t like their mid sections, and steer clear of bikinis for that reason. However, opting for a one piece or tankini is just part of feeling like you’ve minimized this area in your swimwear. You can look for a one piece swimsuit or plus size tankini swimsuits that feature control panels that will slim your belly or firm up loose skin (for example from weight loss or pregnancy) to get a sleeker shape. You can also consider details that have a slimming visual effect like ruching on the belly area, or a peplum that comes out from the waist and skims over the belly and hips.

Back Rolls

If you are self conscious about fat on your back, typified by slightly flabby rolls underneath your bra line, then this is also something you can minimize by choosing the right type of swimwear. If you are looking at a one piece or tankini style, look for a higher back that can both conceal and hold in your back. Whatever style you choose, make sure it has either no straps, very wide straps or a halter neck, and you won’t get the effect of skinny straps cutting into your upper back and creating bulges.

Short Legs

If you feel like your legs look too short, or you think they are just fine but wouldn’t say no to having them look longer in your swimsuit, then high cut legs are the best choice. Stay away from swimsuits with a peplum or small skirt, or ‘boy shorts’ style designs. A higher leg will not only create the illusion of longer legs but will also slim the thighs in the same effect. If you don’t mind the idea, you can even consider a thong style to make your legs look even longer from the back! Remember too that shoes can lengthen your legs visually, so choose wedges instead of flat beach shoes or flip flops.

Small Bust

If you are a bit lacking in the cleavage department, you can opt for swimwear with padding and uplift effects much like a lot of bras have. Alternatively, (or as well), you can choose designs with embellishments like ruffles on the bust to give the sense of more volume on your chest. When thinking about color, pick something where the top part is a lighter or brighter color and the bottom is darker and plainer to create the illusion or a bigger top half. Avoid straight bandeau style bikini tops, which don’t really look good on anyone but can make a smaller bust look flatter.

Flat Behind

If you don’t have much of a booty, you can again use ruffles or a peplum to create the illusion of shape and volume. If you are otherwise confident about your shape, you can wear designs with high cut legs, cut outs around the hip or other features that show more ‘cheek’, as this can give the sense of a bigger bottom. If you’d rather hide your butt altogether, swimwear that has short shorts or a tiny skirt can be a safe option that looks fashionable.

Wobbly Upper Arms

If you hate showing off your arms, you may think you’re just going to have to do it anyway because there is no style of swimsuit with proper sleeves. You’d actually be wrong. Surfer style rash guards are becoming fairly popular as normal beach wear, and essentially give you the effect or wearing a long sleeved top with bikini bottoms (or shorts if you prefer) while giving you something you can wear in the water without looking like you’ve gone in in a t-shirt. This is also a great choice if you want the extra coverage because you burn easily.

Check out some of these styles and see what a difference these details make to how you look in your swimwear.

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