Gratitude is good for the brain. And while the Internet has made it possible to send a thank you card electronically, there are some occasions where sending a physical, tangible card is much more appropriate — and much more beneficial.

Times When You Should Send a Written Thank You Card

1.  After a Job Interview

A job interview is a great opportunity to send a thank you card, as it lets your potential employer know you appreciated their time and that you’re eager to land the job. Sending a thank you card (especially one that was carefully crafted with attention to detail) is a great way to help you stand out amongst the other candidates.

When to Send One: For the best results, send a thank you card within 24 hours of the interview.

2.  After a Wedding/Bridal Shower

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So, you’re getting married, which means there will be several events for your family and friends to attend, including your big day. Those are definitely occasions that warrant sending thank you cards.

Sending thank you cards during your wedding “season” has been de rigueur for years, and making sure your guests know their attendance, as well as their gifts, is appreciated is a fun, and necessary, step. You can really make a statement by sending a personalized wedding thank you card, which is sure to elicit a flood of warm fuzzies for the recipient.

When to Send One: Within six weeks. We all know you’ll be busy for several weeks after the wedding as you get settled into your new life, so no one should expect to receive a thank you note any sooner.

3.  After a Baby Shower

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If you’re preparing for the arrival of your new bundle of joy with a baby shower — and your guests brought gifts to help you start your new journey — it’s only right to thank them for not only showing up but for the gifts they so thoughtfully made or picked out.

A new baby’s expenses in the first year can quickly add up, so let the people you love and care about know just how much their generosity meant by sending a heartfelt, handwritten thank you card for the gifts you received.

When to Send One: Within four weeks of the baby shower. Ask the shower host or someone close to you to help you write and send out the cards, as you’ll likely be exhausted by your eighth or ninth month of pregnancy.

4.  When Someone Sends a Get Well Soon Gift

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If you’ve been out of commission due to physical illness — and your friends, family and co-workers have been sending you flowers, stuffed animals, cards and other get-well-soon gifts — it’s only appropriate you return their kind gestures. Reward their sentiment by sending a personalized thank you card.

When to Send One: As soon as you’re well enough, or within a week or two of receiving your gift.

Make an Impact with a Handwritten Thank You Note

Sending a thank you note to your friends, family and potential employers can make all the difference in making them feel appreciated. But it’s also important to remember that physical, tangible cards are much more appreciated and curry more favor than an emailed thank you note. Springing for that physical card will really make an impact!

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