People often think of Snowflake Obsidian beads as looking like they have snowflakes on them against a black night sky. This is what makes them so unique. This is because they have many crystallized splotches that are white all over them. The background is a glossy black color. The black is naturally colored and is due to its magnesium and iron content.

These come from natural sources. The variations are in natural colors and patterns. This is not something that is created after it has been harvested. This comes from glass that has been produced by a volcano erupting. The white spots will be caused by clusters of crystals from the volcano’s hot temperatures. Then the glass forms because it is cooled very quickly. This is usually done by cold water. These will be found in the volcano beds and shaped into the shapes very easily. They can be made into many sizes.

Many people like the look of these when they are placed with bright-colored beads. They will make a great necklace paired with these other colors. There are several things that can be done with this one. Some of the beads are in the form of nuggets. There are many shapes that they can be made into such as circles. These are also used for many decorating projects.

This material is not as fragile as what the glass used for windows is. It is not likely that by wearing it, it will get broken. This is a very pretty bead that has much potential. The Stone Age men would often use this to cut with. It can be sharpened easily. In recent times these have become a very valuable piece to use for making jewelry. This is one that has had many uses over time and is sure to have many more.

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