image (1)Most of us see dating as a single’s activity and it makes sense that looking for companionship implies that a person is alone, looking for the one partner. After all, we live in a predominantly monogamous society where dating the one person is the norm. Learning from personal and other’s experiences, we know that keeping up with the one partner requires a lot of work and commitment, leaving little room for extra romance out of our relationship. And despite certain desires, most people are happy to stay with the one partner. However, not all online daters are single.

A World of Temptation

We get bombarded with messages, from the movies we watch to the magazines we read. We often see stories of celebrity cheating scandals, depicting people who are not satisfied with staying faithful to the one partner. It seems some people think they always deserve more, and the more they get the more insatiable their appetite becomes, making acts such as infidelity to become a regular occurrence in their lives.

Unhappy Relationships

Being in an unsatisfying relationship for too long is another factor which leads people to look for fun out of their nest. In fact the combination of unhappiness in a relationship with the outside temptation is often what makes people give in to looking for adventures with other partners.

A Selfish Undertaking?

By nature, cheating on one’s partner is a very selfish act. Thinking about our needs over our partner is very one-sided, but often a result of unhappiness. A lot of people find it hard to communicate their lack of happiness to their partner, leading them to spend more time thinking on their own, rather than sharing those thoughts. Left unattended by others, those thoughts can escalade from an idea to a concrete action.

Finding New Romance

The thrill of finding a new romance is so high that it will circumvent our caring thoughts towards our partner. The act of meeting up and discovering a new person is very exciting, reminding us of our young days. It makes us feel free and even makes us feel more powerful. This boost in confidence and the excitement will make us forget that we might be doing something wrong. In fact, doing something wrong can bring exhilaration and emotion to an otherwise unsatisfied soul.

Doing it Right

Sleeping around with people in our social circles can be damaging to our everyday relationships, and using normal dating websites where singles are looking for other singles can lead to more lies and manipulation of people. The best thing to do is to try dating websites. Using the right channels will get us to meet partners who want the same thing, keeping the lies to a minimum and keeping our social circles intact. There are always right ways to do things, even if that thing is cheating. Sometimes, life is about limiting the damage rather than avoiding it altogether.

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