The arts in general are a very important learning opportunity for children. Art of all kinds, whether it be painting, writing or playing an instrument, help spark creativity, emotion and other talents that lay within the minds of children.

Music is especially important, and if your child shows any interest in playing an instrument you should work with them to foster it.

teaching children how to play music

Do You Have a Musical Child?

Even if your child is just into singing, and actually sounds good, set them up for singing lessons. Let them have the chance to master their skills. You may end up with the next American Idol on your hands once they are old enough to enter.

Sometimes it’s hard to find out if you have a musical child. You can help this process out by buying them some fun packs of instruments, like hand drums and tambourines. They may make a lot of noise, but you may find out they make some beautiful music too.

Maybe you visit a friend that has a keyboard or piano and find your child is drawn to it. They don’t need to be good, for you to foster their interest in music. They just need to be interested. If your child shows interest in a particular instrument, take some initiative and sign them up for some lessons. Piano lessons for kids may be taken in-home or in-studio, depending on your needs as a parent.

Fine Motor Skills Enhancement and More

Learning to play an instrument, like guitar or piano, can also help your child develop their fine motor skills. A musical child may have better dexterity, be better with hand eye coordination and even be better thinkers.

On top of that, artistic children learn to be free thinkers. They can be more creative, more outgoing and even show more confidence and self-esteem because they have worked so hard at something that not everyone can do.

Take some quality time with your child and find out if they have any musical talents. Take them to a music store and talk to an employee, they may let your child try a few things out and let them find out if any certain instruments interest them.

Another way to get kids interested in playing music is by letting them listen to it. Don’t just give your child kids music to listen to. Explore different music genres with them. Teach them about the different styles of music. Depending on their age there may be some stuff that is inappropriate, but that still leaves hundreds, if not thousands of songs out there that can help them understand, listen and love music.

Just don’t go out and buy them a baby grand or a full drum set right away. Kids will be kids and they may decide after a month they’d rather play guitar or sing. Look into buying used instruments or renting first. Signing them up for lessons can also be a good way to pick and choose what they would rather play.

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  1. Cindy Brooks Reply

    There are some important studies that have been done regarding children and music. Several have shown that when a child learns to play a musical instrument it requires using both sides of the brain. As a result they grow extra physical connections (synapses) between the left and right brain. BIG BONUS!

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