When it comes to vaping, everyone has their own style–just as smokers do when puffing away at their favorite brand of smokes. It’s not about what flavor you are vaping or what kind of device you are using, but, rather, the way in which you hold your vaping device that determines your style. Instead of classifying vapers by the amount (or lack thereof) of nicotine in the e-cig or vaping pen, the way in which the device is held is an indicator of the type of personality that hides within.

It’s fun to look at people vaping and then trying to discern their personality type by the way in which they hold their e-cigs.

vaping styles

1. The Classic Claw Hold

Just as smokers who don’t want to be identified as such cup their cigs in the palm of their hand, hoping no one will notice they are smoking, those who hold their electronic cigarettes employ the classic claw hold. It’s almost like the old magic trick where the magician will palm the coin so that the audience doesn’t see it disappearing. In the classic claw hold, the vaper seems to have a subconscious desire to hide the fact that they are vaping. This type of vaping style is typically enjoyed by those who are embarrassed by the fact that they vape – out of sight, out of mind. What you can’t see, won’t hurt you.

2. Sherlock Holmes Revisited

Have you ever seen the old black and white Sherlock Holmes movies from the late 1930s and 1940s? The Sherlock Holmes Revisited vaping style is reminiscent of the way in which actors of that period held their pipes. It’s a casual and classy hold that says “I’ll be damned what you think. It’s my life, my world and, by God, I’m going to enjoy it.” This is a typical vaping style enjoyed by men of the world, the gentlemanly scholars who are among the upper echelon and not afraid to show it. Women have their own version of this mindset which will be detailed in a bit.

3. Subconscious Death Grip

Those who enjoy the subconscious death grip when vaping are usually too preoccupied with what they are doing to worry about just how they are holding their vaping device. Actually, this is the most common of all vaping styles because of the times in which we live. Most of us are simply too busy to think about trying to impress anyone with the way we puff at our e-cigs, so  we hold on with the subconscious death grip, which indicates the vaper is too busy with the task at hand to notice anything as silly as the way in which they are holding their e-cig. What kind of person is this? Typically this is someone just like you or me, who lives life in the fast lane and simply needs that quick nicotine fix while on the run.

4. The Humphrey Bogart Slant

Here is one for the records, reminiscent of the sexy elegance of days gone by: The Humphrey Bogart slant style of vaping. This is the classic cig hanging out of the side of the mouth with that carefree and manly look as only Bogie could pull off without looking affected. Today’s vaper who lets the vaping pen or e-cig hang from the side of his (or sometimes her) mouth probably isn’t going for the Bogie look, but rather, is too busy using their hands for whatever it is they is doing at the moment. Although not as common as the subconscious death grip, this is another indicator as to just how busy we have become, as a society. This vaping style clearly says the vaper doesn’t have time to worry about what others think of them and that the mere sensation of an e-cig stuck to the mouth is just as enjoyable as the vaping act itself.

5. The High Society Pinch

The much awaited feminine version of the Sherlock Holmes Revisited, this is a style in which the lady literally pinches the e-cig between two fingers, with the pinky extended, as a sign of distinction. In much the same way as high society belles hold a delicate teacup, the High Society Pinch is intended to portray a sense of being above those around her. It’s the hold you would expect at a garden party or after the theater. If you enjoy this vaping style, it is likely that others see you as pretentious. True socialites don’t need to put on airs and that is exactly what the High Society Pinch portrays: A high society wannabe.

These are the five most common vaping styles. Have you been able to spot yourself among them? If so, it would be interesting to watch how you try to alter your vaping style to ‘fit’ the persona you would like to portray to the world. Have fun identifying your vaping style and those of your friends. However, a word of caution is in order here. Don’t take this as a true psychological treatise on personality disorders, because it’s all in good fun and a great way to enjoy your day while vaping away the hours.

photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/ecigclick


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