Niche Coffee Companies

Coffee is extremely popular in America; there’s simply no denying it. It’s everywhere you turn, and with huge chains like Starbucks everywhere you go, it’s easy to get a hot or cold cup of Joe whenever your body requires a caffeinated boost. But in addition to large chains, there has been a rise in small, niche coffee companies, as well as specialty coffee in pods, throughout the country too. Continue reading to learn more.

Better Service from a Friendly, Reliable Staff at Small Cafes

Many people who shop at small niche and specialty coffeehouses prefer them to the competition because of the service that they receive. While employees at larger chains like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks can certainly prepare a good cup of coffee, there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a small café and the friendly staff that awaits you.

Better Atmosphere for a Fun or Relaxed Time

Speaking of atmosphere, when you’re at a small café, it’s definitely more inviting and warmer than a lot of the corporate chains out there. And many local businesses support other small businesses and artists by allowing musicians to perform on certain evenings, or artists to display their paintings on the walls for sale, poets to have open-mic nights, and more. You simply can’t get that from Starbucks, where everyone is sitting around on their smartphone or laptop if they aren’t talking to their friends with the same old music playing overhead.

Plenty of Delicious Coffee Flavors to Choose From

You can walk into a specialty coffee shop and find a variety of flavors to choose from, as well as dairy-free alternatives to sweeten the brew of your choice. Plus, you’re likely to find delicious teas and chai options as well.

With the rise in popularity of specialty coffee pods, there are more flavors of coffee to choose from than ever before, and consumers want this variety whether they’re out and about or in the comfort of their own home. Companies like Javafly, for example, produce many delicious flavors for Keurig coffeemakers, so cafes need to keep up with those expectations. After all, if you can get a warm, yummy, flavorful cup of coffee at home, why would you go out for it?

High Quality Beans

Small niche coffee companies are also popping up everywhere you turn, and they’re the suppliers of the specialty coffee beans that you use in your Keurig or in your standard coffee maker, and that you get when you visit your favorite local café. These beans are carefully roasted for optimal flavor, and many specialty coffee companies are also focusing more and more on acquiring sustainably grown, organic beans.

All you have to do is look around and you’ll quickly realize how fast the coffee industry has grown. Instead of a plain old cup of coffee, there are myriad flavors to choose from. And instead of corporate coffeehouses, you can choose from a vast array of locally run small businesses that cater to local demands and consumer needs.

Where do you go to enjoy a cup of coffee?


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